Battle of the Books

Elizabeth May, Reporter

The third annual Battle of the Books competition is to be held March 4, 2016 at Gannon University, but students began forming teams back in November with the help of Mrs. Morosky. If you love to read or are looking for a great club to join, you still have time, just stop by the library on Mondays during tutorial!

The Battle of the Books is an academic team book competition for 9-12th graders. These competitions are nationwide. Team members will divide and conquer the reading bibliography of 24 books that range in genres from nonfiction to all aspects of fiction. The teams will participate in a competition of three rounds with 24 questions each.

To prepare for the competition, students started by studying the book titles and authors on Quizlet. They have also been taking notes on details about setting, character, and plot to help each other study. The students are meeting with Mrs. Morosky in the library every Monday during tutorial, and closer to the event will have after school meetings.

This is a really friendly competition and gives kids a chance to meet students from other schools in the area and just have fun. Morosky heard about the competition at a library conference that she attends a few times a year with librarians from three counties. Morosky stated that she’s really excited about “getting kids together who are excited about reading to a unified goal.”