App of the Month: Quiz-Up

App of the Month: Quiz-Up

This month, I have been playing what is by far the most addicting and competitive trivia game ever created, “Quiz-Up.” In this particular game, you have the option of following and competing in innumerable topics, including general trivia, the sciences, languages, culture, people, and much much more. If your favorite subject isn’t a topic already, you can create your set of questions that can be turned into a topic!

The player gains experience points every time they compete in a topic, and eventually players will level up and gain “titles” for that subject. If they’re really good, one might place in their state, country, or even the world! Rankings are also categorized as either for the month or all time.

Each game consists of 7 rounds, each lasting 10 seconds. The first 6 are worth 10-20 points for a correct answer, depending on how quickly one answers. Players will lose a point for every second you wait before you answer. No points will be awarded for an incorrect answer. The seventh or “Bonus Round” is worth double points, and can be a real game changer. A perfect score is 160.

You can follow, chat, and challenge other users or your Facebook friends. Be sure to keep an eye out for the GM Quiz-Up category! Prizes will be awarded to the highest scores, and to a random selection of students who submit questions using the form below.

Link to the QuizUp Question Suggestion Form:

Thank you for helping us out!