Going for the Gold


Katherine fair

Peter Dilla and Noah Hunter intercept the ball from the opposing team.

Katherine Fair and Nick Bryson


During the game last Thursday against Central, the GM Boy’s soccer team scored 6 points, having a final score of 6-3.  Their victory over central made them co-region champs of region 5.  The soccer team hasn’t been first in the region since 2011.  Their next goal is to win District 10 championships and to proceed in to the state playoffs.  The team has a great season so far with a record of 11-4-1.

GM’s soccer program is well known throughout the region and has been successful in molding and shaping great athletes who have continued playing soccer.  These athletes started out as freshman and had limited experience and have grown to become great soccer players.  Junior Grant Travis believes that the “freshman have a wide range of skills and have a lot of potential for next season.”  Brennon Songer and Tyler Massey were the two freshman starters for varsity this year.  This year’s team has differed from past years as well. It is much smaller compared to previous years, but according to Travis, “The players have more knowledge of the game, as well as more technical skills.” 

The soccer team has a few more upcoming games for the season and they are hoping to become District 10 champions.  Go out and support the soccer team and watch them make GM history.