Eerie Erie

Eerie Erie

Alanis Schoolcraft, Reporter

Some tourists come to Erie to see the Great Lake, but others come for the haunts. There are many places said to be haunted in and around Erie County.

Our very own Edinboro University has it’s own spooky stories.  Rose Hall, a resident hall at the university, is said to be haunted by a resident assistant who killed himself in the the 1980’s.  As rumor has it, his ghost is a bit of a prankster, for anyone living in his old room seems to speak of objects moving on their own. One RA moved out because he couldn’t take it anymore.  Also, in Tower A of the Lawrence Towers, specifically Room 517, a music major hung herself, and, it is said, that at night you can hear her singing.

General “Mad” Anthony Wayne is known for haunting the Watson-Curtze Mansion in Erie .  Following his death, Wayne’s body was exhumed from its original burial site.  It was then boiled so that his family could peel the skin from his bones, insuring that part of him could be buried in Philadelphia (his bones), and another part (his skin) in Erie.  The cauldron he was boiled in is still in the mansion, and rumor has it you can hear banging in it at night.

Mercyhurst College is said to be haunted by a woman who threw herself off the Old Main Tower.  Legend is that she joined a convent after she heard her boyfriend died in the war, but he was actually MIA.  When he showed up and proposed to her a few years later, she had already given her heart to God.  Driven by spiraling depression, she went mad, and that’s why she threw herself off the tower.

In Fairview, at the corner of California and Thomas road, in the woods behind the Asbury Elementary School, you will find the former site of a farmhouse which is now known as Axe Murder Hollow.  Legend has it that a man found out his wife was unfaithful, so he chopped off her head at the top of the staircase leading up to the farmhouse. Her head rolled down, and it is now hidden somewhere underneath the former Weiss Library (which is now a private residence).  He also chopped off his children’s heads, and then he killed himself.  It is said, that if you go there in your car, it won’t start again, and he’ll chop off your head.  The original staircase is still there, and it is covered in what looks like blood.  Eerily enough, the staircase has 13 going down but only 12 going up.

The last story is a little less local, but, in North East on Moorehead Road there is a hill know for being haunted.  The rumor is that a bus full of kids stopped on railroad tracks and were hit by a train.  It is said that if you stop your car on the tracks the ghosts of the children will push your car to safety.  It is also reported that if you put powder on the trunk of your car, you will see their little hand prints.

In the spirit of Halloween, try and check out some of these haunts before Oct. 31, if you dare!