Oreos: America’s Favorite Past Time

Oreos: Americas Favorite Past Time

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We here at the Lancer Ledger love our cookies.  And when you think cookies, one of the most beloved cookies in the good ole U.S. of A. is the Oreo.  Two chocolate wafers smooshed together to make a sandwich filled with yummy sweet, white frosting-like creme or as it is lovingly named, “stuf.”  Whether you dunk them in milk, break them apart and eat the middle first, or just take them to the house in one bite, who doesn’t love Oreos?

What’s this you say?  You don’t love Oreos?  And you call yourself American?  Well I have some good news for you.  Oreos have diversified in recent years.  In the world of marketing, product diversification is expanding business opportunities through additional market potential of an existing product.  Often products are improved, altered, or changed to achieve this. Oreo has mastered this concept.

You’ve probably eaten Mini’s or Mega-Stuf’s.  Maybe you have even tried Goldens- two vanilla wafers stuffed with vanilla creme.  Or maybe you have lived on the edge and tried the chocolate, mint, lemon, or berry creme versions.  But did you know there is a chocolate peanut-butter creme variety?

Not daring enough for you?  Try the limited edition cookie-dough filled or marshmallow crispy creme Oreos.

You say it’s your birthday?  Celebrate with some chocolate or golden birthday cake flavor creme

Hungry?  Have a Triple-Double

On a diet? Never fear, Reduced Fat is here!

Like to crunch? Oreo Thins will satisfy you

Like to dip?  Have a pack of Sticks and Creme dips

Craving more chocolate?  Grab a White or Chocolate covered Oreo

All these options have you mixed up? Have a Heads or Tails

Maybe you are more of a cake person.  Good news, a cupcake flavor variety is being released on Feb.  8!

Decisions, decisions.