Super Bowl Commercial Run Down

Super Bowl Commercial Run Down

Aaron Wagner & Michelle Fisher, Pollsters

You may not care about football, dabbing, or Coldplay, but you may have tuned in Sunday night to watch Super Bowl 50 for one reason only: the commercials.

Cars, movies, avocados and products of every type spent millions of dollars for 30 second spots during the big game.  And many made an impact with legions of the 111.9 viewers who had their TV sets on.

One bizarre commercial which “combined three awesome things” left many asking WTH?  The Mountain Dew Kickstart “Puppy Monkey Baby” commercial was strange but effective in causing a media buzz. Students like junior Jeremiah Pencille cited it as his fave.

You can’t go wrong if you incorporate animals into your commercials which Heinz proved this year with their adorable weiner-dog spot hailed by teachers Mr. Hager and Mrs. Zona as their favorite. Associate Principal, Mrs. Makowski and junior Grant Travis cited the Honda Ridgeline Queen-singing sheep as a stand-out as well.

Doritos always tends to bring it when it comes to the Super Bowl. Their sonogram commercial was a fave of junior Ben Loutzenhiser and sophomore Mary Claire Cousins.

Perhaps the most memorable commercial of the night came from the victorious QB of the Broncos and product endorsement king Peyton Manning. Manning reportedly makes $12 million off his ads for Nationwide, Buick, Papa John, Gatorade, DirecTV, and Nike.  After giving Papa John a kiss, Manning proclaimed that “I’m going to drink a lot of Budweiser tonight, I promise you that.” This comment is said to have generated $13.9 million of buzz for the brand.