Ode to a Shamrock Shake

Sunshine and Shamrock Shakes

Makayla Alicea, Reporter

Your emerald coloration a sight to the eye,
as cold as the arctic tundra, every year you come back to say hi!
‘Tis created for the celebration of the Irish,
St. Patties Day will never be the same unless you’re part of it,
With your seasonal trend never over-played,
Everyone wants you,
Your pictures on Instagram,
Everyone tries you.
You are so hard to resist,
With your minty-green twist slidding going down my throat.
So refreshing you are, and rather cheap as well.
For a medium sized serving goes for $2.69, oh, wow!
My tummy is happy and eyes are bright,
You fill the room with laughter,
You are such a sight!
Oh! Shamrock Shake, how you make things whole.
McDonald’s did great promoting you this year,
Airing commercials for all to hear.
So, we lift up our cup, full of holiday spirit,
And sip our milkshakes for all to share it!