Restaurant Review: Flip Cafe

Flip “Flips” are described as “pieces of heaven.”

Anthony Miller and Newspaper Staff, Reporters


It’s rare to find a restaurant that manages to have stellar atmosphere, stellar service, and stellar food all at once. After my trip with the rest of the Newspaper staff, I can say that the Flip Cafe is one of the rare few that pulls it off.

The first thing I noticed during my visit to Flip’s was the homey and relaxed atmosphere. It is brightly lit with plenty of windows and it’s painted in various bright colors which gives it the feel of an eclectic coffee house or art museum.  The exposed brick and metal ceilings also add character to the decor. Everyone who worked there loved what they were doing. My newspaper classmate and senior, Michelle Fisher has worked at the restaurant for over a year.  She was initially hired as a hostess and worked her way up to being a server. “I love all my co-workers, we are like a family,” said Fisher.

One thing that surprised me was the humor of the restaurant. I mean, normally a cafe doesn’t have a tagline that reads in bold letters “Eat here or we both starve!” The humor goes beyond the tagline, as various posters on the walls had funny quips that caught me off guard.

The service was incredibly friendly.  Our server, Dodie, checked up on us regularly and kept Mrs. Zona’s cup of coffee hot and full.  She also took the time to explain many of the unique menu offerings such as the “flippy hippy,” Oreo roll-up french toast, the “Ron Swanson,” and the “sunbathing cowboy.”  Owner Julie Becker, who has a culinary background and 30 years of experience in the food and restaurant industry, told us that she was inspired to open Flip because, “Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day.”  She is constantly working with staff to develop the menu items and daily specials.

Our food took a while to come out, but that may have been because we had a big group. Even so, the food was so good that it was worth the wait.  I had an omelet filled with bacon with home fries and fruit as sides.  Not a single part of this meal was weak, and I found myself surprised in a good way by just how much food I got for around eight dollars. Everything was just the right temperature and tasted great. The meal was very filling, and by the end of it I felt like I wouldn’t have to eat anytime soon.  

Senior Mackenzie Boyd also had a specialty omelet.  She described it stating, “This is probably the best omelet I’ve ever had.  Look how much bacon it has in it!  It’s stacked!”  Lydia Marcinko, senior, ordered one of the most popular menu items: the “Flip Smash,” which is Flip potatoes, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and ham topped with shredded cheese and “smashed” together.  She described it as simply, “delicious.”

Nick Boomgarden, senior, opted for lunch, ordering the sriracha hummus cajun chicken flipwich.  He raved about this concoction stating, “It is greatness on a plate forged by a master on a metaphorical pedestal of precious metals and gems.”  He was astounded by the succulent flavors that saturated the chicken without being overwhelming.  “The first bite was beaten in flavor by the second and the second paled in comparison to the third.  It was on a rising scale of flavor until it was complete.  It was so good, in fact, that even though I was full I wanted to keep eating.”  

The most surprising part of the meal was the titular Flip itself. It looks like a normal doughnut on the surface, but the second I took a bite I realized that it tasted so much better than that. In the words of senior Emily Tworek, “It is like a fried piece of heaven reminiscent of a New Orleans beignet fried to perfection and covered in a powdered sugar that melts and falls like snow when it hits your mouth.”  And if that doesn’t sound tantalizing enough, they have a bacon version as well.  Becker came up with the idea for the Flip from a restaurant she visited in Chicago.  She liked it so much she put her own spin on the recipe and the Flip as we know it was born.  To make it even tastier, an order of 5 costs only $3.50.  

Flip Cafe is open 7 days a week from 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. My classmates and I wondered if the restaurant would ever consider dinner or late night hours.  Becker addressed this stating, “Some staff would like me to extend the hours, but I’m not there yet.” The restaurant has been in business for about 4 and a half years and is currently located only in Edinboro. With their success many wonder if they will expand. “I’ve played with the idea, yes,” Becker teased.

The primary reason people go to restaurants is to eat, and Flip’s has some of the best food around. Flip’s shocked me with just how good the experience was. The food was fantastic and very well-priced, and the atmosphere made the entire experience very relaxing. I would recommend it to just about anyone looking for a good place to eat breakfast or lunch.  And if you are wondering about the name, Becker said it came from the fact that you have to “flip breakfast food.”  Fitting.