Golden Apple Award

Maegan Parker, Reporter

    On Wednesday, March 2, Mrs. Scaletta received a very distinguishing honor, the Golden Apple Award. This award recognizes excellence in teaching.  I nominated her for this special award because she not only affected my life as a student, but as a person too. She was a very deserving teacher of this award because of her amazing skills at making her classroom a fun environment.

      I had Mrs. Scaletta for Algebra last semester, and I enjoyed every minute of her class. Math has always been my weak point in school, and I’ve always felt like I was never going to be successful at it.  She completely turned my thoughts around. My confidence levels went up so much because of her. She made me enjoy school, and that is why she is so deserving of winning this award.

      Mrs. Scaletta was very surprised when I, along with the camera crew from the news and the principals, walked in her room to give her the award. I could see the tears coming from her eye when she realized what we were there for. It was really cool to see how excited she was. I was really glad that my nomination got chosen because Mrs. Scaletta deserved to know how much of an impact she made on my life.