On the Air with Career Choices Class

Twenty-five sophomores went live on the air with Erie News Now Meteorologist, John Stehlin, during a weather segment this afternoon.  The class visited the studios of WICU, WSEE, & the CW as part of their Career Choices class. 

Taking part in the segment gave the students a feel for the urgency of reporting the news.  Many marveled at how the reporters were able to “turn it on” in an instant as soon as they went on the air.  Sophomore, Hailey Ingalls, was put on the spot to represent GM during a brief interview.  Stehlin asked her whether she would rather be at the studio or at recess on a beautiful day like today.  Ingalls kept her cool and responded to all of the reporter’s questions with ease. 

During their tour students spoke with many other staff members to learn about their jobs and day-to-day responsibilities.  They received a brief overview of the sales and accounting departments and learned about One Caribbean Television which is a channel that the Erie news station grows and manages remotely.  They also learned about MMJ’s, Multimedia Journalists, and the numerous responsibilities they tackle during the day to bring us the news.

The Career Choices class is aimed at providing GM sophomores with real-world exposure to a variety of career fields available to them upon graduation.  This quarter students have also toured the Erie County Courthouse and Prison, Automation Devices, and the Erie Otters.  The class also benefits from a variety of guest speakers during the quarter on topics ranging from nursing to information technology to petroleum engineering.