The Trump


Will West, Reporter

Hair that’s blond, always bearing a frown,

Donald trump is a total clown.

His tie is red, his  suit is blue,

If you are disabled or a woman he’ll make fun of you.

The Republican Party is where he’s at,

But we all know he’s just one big fat cat.

Married thrice, divorced twice,

That excuse for a man is not nice.

He wants to make America great,

but fails to see he’s the one we hate.

He wants to build a wall,

And make the Mexicans pay it all.

He’s one  sexist and racist man,

You could say he has a Master Plan.

They say he’s going to win the race

But I believe it will backfire into his puckered face.

They say he manages money well,

But four times now his companies have fell.

Although he denies it when taped,

his ex wife Ivana  he surely has raped

Even though he is a laughing matter,

if he wins our country will shatter.

He attacks others during debate,

but cries when he meets his fate.

His favorite words are you’re fired,

but we’d be better off if he permanently retired.

I can’t understand how some people believe his farce.

The rest of the world sees him as a massive arse.

So if you vote for Mr. Trump

You can stick it in your rump.