Panic! At The Disco performs at Penn State Behrend


April 22 is known as Earth Day to normal people, but to the “Sinners” (what Panic! At The Disco’s fans are called), it was an extraordinary day. The reason for this great day was pop-rock band, Panic! At The Disco, who came to Erie to perform at Penn State Behrend’s Junker Center. Since this was an event mainly for the college’s students, the tickets were cheap (and sold out) and people could afford to see a good band that wasn’t country, since those are the types of band who typically perform in Erie. I was extremely excited. While on our way to the concert, I looked at my mom and said, “Mom, I’m about to be in the same room as Brendon Urie.” She gave me a strange look, but everyone who’s seen their favorite band live in concert has felt the excitement that I felt.

  It was an exciting day for hundreds of people, including myself. Having nobody to go with, I brought along a friend who only knew two of the songs they performed. It didn’t matter if you knew the songs or not, everyone was there to have a good time. The line of people waiting to get in was quite ecstatic, even though it was rather long. I even arrived an hour and a half early to ensure that I would not have to see my favorite band from across the entire gym. Clearly, everybody else had the same idea. Once I was in line, there wasn’t much to do but wait for an hour and a half.

  About half an hour later, we finally made it to the door. People were almost jogging to try and get near the stage, and by the time I got inside, my friend and I were at most twenty yards away from the stage. We could see everything and it was terrific.  After around forty five minutes of standing in the invigorated crowd, the concert finally started. The opening was a band I’d never heard of called “Secret Weapons.” They are a fairly new pop band from Brooklyn, New York. They played several songs, which were all very good. The founding band members Dan E. And Gerry Lange did a great job getting everyone excited for Panic! at The Disco. They performed a song, known as their “debut song,” called “Something New.”  Secret Weapons went off stage and then it was time.

  Anticipation was high and the fifteen minutes felt like hours. Finally, the speakers stopped playing music from the radio and everyone seemed to get quiet. Then, lead singer Urie ran onto the stage and everyone in the crowd screamed in excitement. The concert was started with their song “Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time,” and believe me everyone at the concert did have a good time. Everybody was bumping into each other, screaming, and jumping up and down, but nobody cared anymore because it was all in good fun. The lights were very bright and colorful. The heat from said lights and the fact that everyone was shoulder to shoulder made it feel like it was one thousand degrees in the Junker Center. I, like everyone else, was screaming the lyrics to every song and jumping up and down and ignoring most of the other people. Towards the middle of their performance, it got quiet and the lights stopped flashing. Urie jokingly said, “Here’s a little song we made up backstage” and proceeded to sing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” It was an amazing performance. One of my favorite parts was when Brendon did one of his famous backflips on stage.

  Once the performance was over, Urie thanked the audience for being there and then said what a wonderful campus Behrend had. The whole event was very well organized and enjoyable for everybody who attended. Even after the concert ended and Panic! had gone offstage, people were still enjoying themselves and dancing to the music that was playing.

 I had a great time, and all of my friends who attended the concert said that they had a great time. If you get the chance to see your favorite band in concert, I suggest that you jump at it. It’s an amazing experience and a lot of fun.