National Honor Society Induction


Maddy Bruce, Reporter

Last Tuesday night, 28 juniors and seniors and their families gathered in the auditorium for the 2016 National Honor Society Induction Ceremony. Of those 28 students, 17 were inductees; three seniors and 14 juniors. Each inductee received a National Honor Society pin and membership card.

The ceremony began with speeches about the four pillars of the organization: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character, given by the four officers. Senior President, Elizabeth May spoke first, discussing the meaning of Scholarship to the audience and the inductees. Next, Vice President, Katherine Fair spoke about the importance of Leadership in the National Honor Society. Then, Secretary Amanda Laughlin addressed the importance of Service, and to finish, Treasurer Leah Breckley delivered a speech about the Character the members of the organization should possess.

Once the officers were finished delivering their speeches, two of our administrators addressed the audience and the inductees. Mr. Scaletta spoke about the importance of leadership not only on the high school level, but in the work force and real life, too. Mr. Mennow ended the series of speeches by discussing the various and unique attributes of this year’s class of inductees, including that this year’s class holds the highest average grade point average in the history of General McLane’s National Honor Society, and that the students don’t just participate in activities and volunteering to impress, but because they find such things enjoyable.

Once the speeches were completed, Mrs. Mackowski pinned the four officers, and Mr. Mennow pinned the new inductees. Then, President Elizabeth May recited the pledge, and all of the members repeated it after her. To end the night, there was a cookie reception in the cafeteria to celebrate the accomplishments of the new inductees.