Thoughts On Things From People: Mr. Reed Edition


Hannah Wyman, Editor

Welcome to the third edition of Thoughts On Things From People! The topic of this week is dental hygiene with Algebra teacher and local technology wizard, Mr. Reed. But before you learn the proper way to brush one’s teeth, make sure to read the first edition of Thoughts On Things From People with Mr. Jenkins and the second edition with Mr. Korb.

Mr. Reed was, although probably very confused, happy to oblige and tell us the proper way to brush teeth.

“You get your toothbrush, rinse it off, put toothpaste on it, and then brush your teeth for two minutes, brushing both the top and bottom teeth, inside and out. And then rinse off your tooth brush and put it back.”

After inquiring about flossing Mr. Reed was quick to point out, “That wouldn’t be brushing your teeth. That’d be flossing. That’d be afterwards. Floss your teeth AFTER you brush them. And then you’re done.”

There you have it, folks. The proper way to brush your teeth, according to Mr. Reed anyway. I certainly hope you learned something new here and if not you can come back next week to read about Mr. Stauffer’s hair care routine.