Are Tattoos Still Taboo?

Danielle Lindenberger shows off her ink.

Abbie Treiber, Reporter

Men and women all over the world are being discriminated against for having visible body art. Ever since the ink movement in the late 1900s tattoos have been shown in a negative light due to the social groups they were correlated with.

Men and women all over the country are being refused jobs, interviews, even housing due to their outward appearance. Many claim that the tattoos are inappropriate and impractical. Some religious conservatives even think tattoos are labels from Satan.  But should tattoos still be publicly scorned? Some don’t think so, some say that tattoos are a personal choice and don’t reflect ones personality. Many influential people such as Thomas Edison and Andrew Jackson had tattoos and even teachers within our walls have visible tattoos.

Although Mr. Delsandro doesn’t have any tattoos he stated that, “Tattoos are personal, and I don’t have a problem with them.” Although he doesn’t have any tattoos there are several teachers that do.  Ms. Mumau has multiple tattoos and shares a liberal opinion with Mr. Delsandro. Even Mr. Mennow stated that he would hire teachers with extensive amounts of tattoos as long as they weren’t in an inappropriate place such as upper chest, neck,or face or expressed an inappropriate political or social view.

Some teachers had other opinions. Mr. Hager expressed his opinion by stating the the tattoo policy should be the same as the policy in the Military. He believes tattoos shouldn’t be seen in a school setting because they can distract students. When trying to find teachers that shared his perspective, multiple teachers declined to comment.

The moral of the story? Tattoos seem to be an extremely personal belief and opinions all depend on a certain persons beliefs. Despite teachers who have more conservative viewpoints tattoos are becoming increasingly popular and to some, more acceptable. Who knows? Maybe within the next five years we will have a teacher with complete sleeves.