Creepy Clowns?!


Doubet & Taylor

GM Students report being “petrified” by the recent clown sightings in our area.

Hannah Taylor and Sierra Doubet

“I personally feel like if they are in violation of law, they should be arrested immediately.””

— Mr. Stauffer

Face paint, red noses, balloon animals, abductions? Sightings of men dressed as clowns trying to scare, yell at, abduct, and murder children have been reported across multiple states.

Lately there has been talk about creepy clown sighting all along the north eastern part of the US according to STL Today, there have been numerous social media reports that in a number of states people have been spotted dressed like clowns and acting suspiciously.  Many of these reports are simply bogus or are of knucklehead pranksters, but some say these scary clowns are kidnapping kids and murdering them. Some feel that the clown antics are a publicity stunt for the upcoming Stephen King remake of “It.”

Authorities in Greenville, S.C., were among the first to report a clown-related incident in recent weeks. Late last month, some children reported clowns trying to lure them into the woods with money. Sheriff’s deputies found no evidence, however, not even a prankster in a clown suit.

On Sept. 24, Erie alerts shared a post on Facebook about an investigation of a report of a clown with an ax in Portsmouth, Ohio according to Erie Go. Recently, the clowns have allegedly moved closer to our area. Erie alerts has since posted about clown sightings in Erie on Camphausin Street, the 300 block of E 22nd, and 26th and Euclid Avenue. The callers have accused the clowns of doing such things as trying to hide in the bushes, and tapping on their car windows.  A parent of a student that wishes to remain anonymous reports being chased by a group of clowns on the campus of Gannon University earlier this week.

At first they were said to be last seen in Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, and North Carolina.  But for whatever reason, people in Pennsylvania have reported scary or suspicious encounters with people dressed like clowns.  Whether these perpetrators are copycats or criminals, they have managed to creep out people in our local community.

Students and faculty here at GM have weighed in on this hot topic.

Q. Have you seen any clowns?
— Lydia Beers: “Not yet BUT soon!”
— Mr. Schulz:  “Maybe not the official ones, but I’ve seen clowns around.”
— Alma Mamani: “I’ve seen people who could possibly be a clown secretly.”
— Mr. Stauffer: “I personally haven’t seen any, but my friend sent me a picture of one down near Penn State.”

Q. What have you heard about the creepy clowns?
— Jake Lenhardt: – “Around this time of the year there are usually clowns around because people are getting in the holiday spirit. It’s a repetitive thing.”
— Jeremiah Pencile: – “They chase kids and they’re killing people. Dangerous and creepy!”
— Mr. Schulz: “They’re migrating towards us and I’m locking my doors!”
— Alma Mamani: – “They’re traveling in packs up here. I imagine it to be like the movie Ice Age, but with clowns.”

Q. How do you personally feel about these clowns?
— Lydia Beers: “Petrified!”
— Mr. Schulz: “Isn’t there a word for it? Clownaphobic?” (Actually Coulrophobia)
— Jon Carrier: “As Mr. Guzik might say, they should be skinned alive and shipped home to their mothers!”