October: More to Celebrate than Halloween

McKenah Bryson, Editor

October first marks the beginning of a 30 countdown to everyone’s favorite sugar-filled holiday, Halloween. This mash-up of Mexico’s Day of the Dead and the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain brings corporations nearly $7 billion dollars annually, while captivating the focus of millions of people worldwide throughout the month of October. Many smaller holidays are overlooked in favor of the highly commercialized fall celebration, but anyone who isn’t interested in dressing up and getting spooked may feel left out of the festivities. Never fear! October has a plethora of diverse holidays, providing something for everyone to celebrate!

October 1st – International Music Day/World Vegetarian Day

October 2nd – National Custodial Worker’s Day/Name Your Car Day

October 3rd – Child Health Day/Mean Girls Appreciation Day

October 4th – World Animal Day

October 5th – World Teachers’ Day

October 6th – Mad Hatter Day/Libraries Day

October 7th – Diversity Day

October 8th – Octopus Day (Show a little love to your favorite eight-tentacled buddy!)

October 9th – Chess Day/Post Day

October 10th – International Newspaper Carrier Day/World Mental Health Day/World Homeless Day

October 11th – Coming Out Day

October 12th – Take Your Parents to Lunch Day/International Moment of Frustration Day

October 13th – International Day for Failure

October 14th – Be Bald and Free Day/World Standards Day

October 15th – International Day of Rural Women

October 16th – Feral Cat Day/World Food Day

October 17th – International Day for the Eradication of Poverty/Wear something gaudy day

October 18th – Chocolate Cupcake Day

October 19th – Information Overload Day/Evaluate Your Life Day

October 20th – Get Smart About Credit Day/Conflict Resolution Day

October 21st – Reptile Awareness Day

October 22nd – Smart is Cool Day/International Make a Difference Day

October 23rd – TV Talk Show Day

October 24th – United Nations Day/World Development Information Day

October 25th – International Artists Day

October 26th – Howl at the Moon Night

October 27th – Cranky Co-Workers Day/Navy Day

October 28th – International Bandana Day

October 29th – Internet Day/Cat Day/Forgiveness Day

October 30th – Candy Corn Day/Haunted Refrigerator Night

October 31st – Knock-Knock Jokes Day/Caramel Apple Day/Halloween

So regardless of whether or not you celebrate Halloween, October has a myriad of unique and exciting holidays to keep you feeling festive the whole month long. Stay tuned for next month’s list of under appreciated holidays, including Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day (November 8th) and Homemade Bread Day (November 17th)!