Jungle Gym – 2016 GMHS Homecoming

Jungle Gym - 2016 GMHS Homecoming

This year’s homecoming dance was a success. Between the decorations, lights, and great group of students everyone was able to find a little piece of fun.

This year, the dance was held in the gym instead of the cafeteria, making it less crowded and offering a chance for more enjoyment. “It was better in the gym than the cafeteria because of the lights and decorations were better,” said junior Brendan Manchester.

The DJ for the night was Millenium Sound, and as always, there were mixed reviews about the song selection. Manchester was not a fan of the music, but sophomore Elizabeth Barringer felt differently. “The DJ got everyone up and moving and got everyone smiling,” she said.

Most importantly, the night was full of fun and great memories. “It was fun dancing with all of my friends,” said sophomore Meghan Parker. Clearly, this year’s homecoming festivities were a sweeping success, and hopefully there will be many more to come.