Election 2016: A Country Divided


Results of our student Google poll.

Jack Parker, Contributer


The 2016 presidential election has certainly become one that will be remembered by all who experienced everything it has had to offer.  On Nov. 8 the 45th president of the United States will be chosen by the American people.  

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have spent the majority of the last two years preparing and campaigning and it has all led up to the fateful Tuesday in November.  Hillary Clinton’s campaign has centered around typical Democratic interests such as education, fair tax policy, and equal rights for all.  On the contrary,  Donald Trump’s campaign has been focused mainly on key points such as immigration, healthcare reform, and the creation of a dynamic economy.  

Many American’s are expressing quite greatly whom they side with in this election but some have yet to decide a candidate to vote for.  Senior, Alex Jay said he feels the election has been “disappointing up to this point due to the candidates immaturity and inability to talk about national issues.”  

This has been an issue that many Americans have had with this election as Trump and Clinton have both struggled with resisting the urge to bash the opposing candidate at any chance they are given.  This has brought negative media attention towards the election.  Senior Josh Sulz states that, “Due to her past and issues surrounding [Clinton], I side with Donald Trump.”  Whereas senior Jon Solberg said that due to Trump’s antics so far in this election that he would side with Hillary Clinton.  

Needless to say this year’s election has sparked a lot of controversy over the two candidates and will be the talk of the country as election day draws near.  The GM student body was polled on who they would vote for in the presidential election.  It is important to note that this poll is not statistically reliable, but was intended to obtain a somewhat reasonable idea of the political opinions of our students.  

Just over 50 percent of our student body cast their vote, and our winner was Hillary Clinton.  The race was very tight however.  Clinton received 34.8 percent of the vote, and Donald Trump received 30.2 percent of the vote.  Surprisingly Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson received 32.6 percent of the vote. Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate rounded out the voting with 2.4 percent of the vote.