Editorial: Hillary Clinton for President


“Our country is getting ripped off. We need the smartest people negotiating for us!” I couldn’t agree more. We do need the smartest people negotiating for us. Which is why Hillary Clinton, rather than Donald Trump, should be the next president of the United States.”

“MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.”  It’s a slogan emblazoned across hats, signs, and cars all across the country.  It elicits a feeling of profound patriotism in some individuals, and a feeling of unfathomable rage in others.  It’s the slogan of a frustrated people, searching for answers and hoping to find them in the arms of a racist, sexist buffoon who vaguely resembles an ear of corn that has yet to be husked.  And, unfortunately, it’s the slogan of the Republican nominee for president.

Every morning, I drive to school and pass at least ten to fifteen Trump signs, each bearing this slogan in varying degrees of obnoxiousness: there’s the singular yard sign, the neat row of signs spanning across the edge of the road, and the jumbo-sized-go-America-yay-guns-huuuuuuge billboards that require their own wooden support systems to stand up.  However, interspersed in the midst of this misguided propaganda are small beacons of hope: signs bearing the names CLINTON and KAINE.  

When you go onto Hillary Clinton’s website, you find reasonable proposals outlining progressive ideas for the betterment of the country.  In contrast, Donald Trump’s website reads like American propaganda translated into a different language, with simplistic words and a section entitled “Issues” that simply consists of short videos in which Trump rants about an issue and promises to fix it, but does not actually state how he will go about doing so.  

Admittedly, some of the generalized statements Trump makes on his website are true; for example, in a video promoting his beliefs on trade, the caption reads, “Our country is getting ripped off.  We need the smartest people negotiating for us!” I couldn’t agree more.  We do need the smartest people negotiating for us.  Which is why Hillary Clinton, rather than Donald Trump, should be the next president of the United States.

Let’s take a look at some of the issues, shall we?

First, let’s talk about taxes and the economy.  Channeling her inner Bernie Sanders, Hillary plans to impose what she calls a “fair share surcharge” on the wealthiest 0.02% of Americans.  By closing tax loopholes that allow multi-millionaires to store money in tax havens like the Caiman Islands and expanding upon the currently implemented “Buffet Rule” that requires individuals making more than five million dollars a year to pay at least the same tax rate as their secretaries, she plans to accrue funds that will significantly reduce student debt and allow students to attend community and public colleges for free.  She also plans to use these funds to create new jobs and invest in infrastructure, manufacturing, research, and clean energy, all while guaranteeing equal pay and paid family leave for women.  According to Hillary, “We need an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.”

“We need an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.”

— Hillary Clinton

Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s tax plan is structured just a little bit differently.  Despite depicting himself as a champion of the middle and lower classes and describing the economy as a discussion “about how to make America great again for everyone….especially those who have the very least,” his tax plans heavily favor the wealthy and reap few benefits for the lower and middle classes.  He plans to collapse the current seven-bracket tax system into just three brackets, which, as he claims, will lower taxes for middle class Americans.  This is true, to an extent.  But according to the International Business Times, the lowest tax bracket will increase from 10% to 12%, while households with the largest incomes will, according to the Tax Policy Center, receive the largest cuts, saving on average $27,500 per year while the poorest 2% of Americans will save only $128 in a single calendar year.  Furthermore, according to the Washington Post, Trump’s plans will allow wealthy hedge fund managers and big business owners to reclassify their income to receive a measly 15% corporate tax rate, compared to the 25% rate applied to middle class Americans.  But, obviously, he’s going to help out the middle class and stand up to big corporations, right?

Still, Trump supporters argue that trickle-down economics, the age-old conservative doctrine that providing tax cuts to the wealthy will allow prosperity to “trickle-down” to the lower classes, will save the economy from the “disastrous” effects of the Obama administration.  After all, President Obama created ten million new jobs during his eight years, saw unemployment rates sliced in half, and raised wages about 4.4%, according to factcheck.org.  How awful!  In contrast, the Bush administration created about two million jobs and experienced a stagnant unemployment rate until the end of his term.  But, according to Trump, Fair Economy is wrong when it states that statistics from the past fifty years “strongly refute any argument” that cutting taxes for the wealthy will lead to economic growth for the lower and middle classes.

Next, let’s talk about the environment..  To combat climate change, Hillary Clinton intends to install half a billion solar panels and reduce oil consumption by using cleaner fuels and more effective machines. Furthermore, she has plans to continue and strengthen the standards set forth by the Obama administration that are already helping clean air, save money, and combat climate change.  She also plans to create a Climate and Environmental justice task force to promote conservation and uphold the Paris Climate Change Agreement.  Finally, by investing in clean energy infrastructure, Hillary will create thousands of jobs.

In contrast, Donald Trump plans to significantly reduce regulations on drilling, allowing companies to drill on new reserves.  Unfortunately, this is the only information I was able to find on his website regarding the environment-besides the fact that he thinks Hillary will “unleash the EPA to control every aspect of our lives”-as he believes that climate change is a hoax “invented by the Chinese.”  Definitely the leader we want in charge of protecting our “purple mountain majesties” and “fruited plains.”

Now, we’ll start off this next section with a startling statistic; according to a report prepared by the Institute of Medicine and National Research Council, the rate of gun-related homicides in the United States is 19.5 times higher than that of other industrialized countries.  Furthermore, gun violence is the leading cause of death amongst young African Americans, and, in 2015, 33,000 Americans were killed after being shot.  Unfortunately, Donald Trump is still under the impression that gun ownership should continue to be a privilege for everyone: domestic abusers, suspected terrorists, the works. Hillary has a slightly more practical approach (and no, GM, it doesn’t involve taking away your guns): she wants to close loopholes that allow individuals to purchase firearms without comprehensive background checks, revoke licenses from dealers who break the law, and make it illegal for a person to buy a gun for someone who shouldn’t have one.  Furthermore, she wants to take military-style weapons off the streets, and prevent suspected terrorists, the severely mentally ill, and domestic abusers from being able to buy firearms.  Surprisingly, all of these individuals can currently buy guns.

Next, consider this: there were 33,000 gun-related deaths in 2015 alone.  However, since 2001, there have been only 3,400 casualties as a result of terrorist attacks.  Regardless, Trump supporters like to focus on “bombing the s**t” out of ISIS and closing American borders to refugees, blaming President Obama for the increased amount of immigrants entering the United States and criticizing his administration for its “deadly” policies that allow illegal aliens to roam the streets.  However, despite Trump’s claims, the opposite is actually true (what a shocker): according to factcheck.org, the number of immigrants trying to enter the United States has decreased by 53% since Obama became president.  

But regardless of how many lies spew of out of his mouth, Trump is still correct in that combatting ISIS is a priority in this upcoming election.  Although Hillary has laid out comprehensive, sensible plans for dealing with ISIS on her website (the details of which I encourage you to check out yourself, because, frankly, I’m running out of room), Trump has not yet released his plan, stating that it’s a “secret.”  After all, if he says what it is, then “everyone is going to say, ‘wow, what a great idea’” and steal it.  But Donald, being a man of great generosity, finally agreed to tell a reporter what his ingenious plan was (he planned it himself, it went down “bigly” with his people, everyone says it’s great, and he knows you’ll love it because it’s tremendous): to ask his generals to come up with a plan “quickly.”  Unfortunately, Trump has also stated that he “knows more” about ISIS than the generals do, so the effectiveness of this plan is up for debate.  Perhaps Hillary Clinton explained his plan the best: “The secret, of course, is he has no idea what he’d do to stop ISIS.”

The secret, of course, is he has no idea what he’d do to stop ISIS.”

— Hillary Clinton

Finally, forget the issues.  Forget the policies.  Let’s simply focus of what it means to be presidential.

Being presidential means supporting all citizens, not just those of a certain race or gender. It means not using fear to separate citizens, or hatred to win the election. It means acting professionally, in and out of office. We need a president who represents our entire country, a president that we can be proud of. If you examine the history of each candidate, the choice is clear.

On one side, you have Hillary Clinton. She has represented women through her entire political career, creating the Department of Justice on Violence Against Women as first lady, supporting the violence against women act in 2005, providing emergency contraception to rape and incest victims in the military, and sponsoring a UN resolution on establishing guidelines for response to sexual assault in war zones. On her campaign website, there is an entire section devoted to preventing sexual assault on college campuses. If elected president, she plans to provide support for rape victims, including counseling and healthcare to survivors of sexual assault, ensuring fair process in the criminal justice system, and improving our sexual education program by teaching violence prevention. To quote Hillary from her 1995 speech in Beijing on women’s rights, “Women’s rights are human’s rights.”  This includes reproductive rights, eliminating wage inequality, and abolishing sexism throughout the country.  If elected, she will be the first female president and a role model for young girls and women everywhere, encouraging them to do anything.

In contrast, you have a man running for president who has told reporters that they wouldn’t have their jobs if they were not attractive. He has talked about women so disrespectfully that it cannot be printed in the Lancer ledger. He flip-flops his stance on abortion, at one point saying that women have the right to choose and at another point stating that women who get abortions should be punished. Furthermore, he has discouraged and humiliated women in the military, stating that with 26,000 reported sexual assaults in the military and only 238 convictions. “What did these geniuses expect when they put men and women together?” Are you implying that women should not be allowed to work with men because men are incapable of controlling themselves?  In addition, Trump has stated that Hillary does not have the “look” to be president, or the stamina. He likewise displays no respect for her, wandering around the stage while she is talking and interrupting her constantly.  In addition, he has lead several rough attacks on women, calling a beauty contestant Miss Piggy and Miss Housekeeping.

And, of course, there’s the story we’ve all heard of him groping multiple women because he’s “a star” and he can “do anything.”

For a man that claims to have more respect for women than anybody, he seems to have never heard himself speak before.”

Another sharp contrast between Hillary and Trump regards disabled individuals. Hillary has a section of her website devoted to how to make life better for Americans with disabilities. She intends to provide tax relief to families caring for the disabled, expand employment opportunities using integration instead of separate facilities, and as Secretary of State she built support for the US to join the UN convention on disabled persons.  Unfortunately, the Republican senate blocked her.

And then there is Trump.  After disabled reporter Serge Kovalesky pointed out several of Trump’s inaccuracies while interviewing him, Trump took it upon himself to mock Serge in front of all his supporters.  This deplorable behavior is unforgivable.

Think before you vote.