Rice Balls – School Lunch Idea From Japan


Chiara Brandstatter

Rice balls: A Japanese lunchtime fave.

Chiara Brandstätter, Reporter

Do you sometimes want a different school lunch, or are bored of eating the same thing everyday?

Make delicious Japanese rice balls. Japanese school kids eat rice balls almost everyday in their school lunch, and they are delicious!

You need:
Nori sheets

1. Cook rice. (It must be sticky enough to form a ball that doesn’t fall apart, but not too sticky. You can mix sushi rice and normal rice to get the perfect consistency). Add salt to the rice.

2. Choose your filling. There are endless possibilities.

3. Put the still warm rice in a bowl. Prepare another bowl with warm water and a plate for the finished rice balls. Cut the nori sheets into 3-4cm wide strips.

4. Make your hands wet, so the rice doesn’t stick to your hands. Take some dive in your hand an flatten it a little bit. Take some filling and put it on the rice in your hand. Cover it with more rice. Press your hands together and try to make a triangle shaped ball. When you are happy with your rice ball, take a nori stripe and wrap it around your ball. The nori stripe is for holding your rice ball without letting it stick to your fingers.

  • Filling ideas:
  • Cheese
  • Avocados
  • Tuna
  • Vegetables
  • Special rice ball flavoring you can get at an Asia shop.
  • Egg with soy sauce:  Warm up a pan with a little piece of butter or margarine. Take an egg and scramble it in the pan. Add a little bit of soy sauce. Now you can use it as rice ball filling.