Valentines Day Q & A

Valentines Day Q & A

Abby Raun, Reporter

There was love in the air this week at General McLane High School, with many students celebrating Valentine’s Day with PDA’s in the form of flowers, balloons, candy, and much more.  Students shared their thoughts on the holiday, many echoing the romantic sentiment of the day.

Q: What is your idea of a dream Valentines Day Date?

A: A surprise date! -Sara Nagy, junior

A:Drive to the beach, and on the way there jam to some music. Then we have to watch the sunset & make out. -Maddie Soboleski, junior

Q: What did you get your girlfriend for Valentines Day?

A: A stuffed animal and a card -Lenne Leskinen, Junior

A: Flowers, Sour Patch kids & a wooden frame with a picture of us in it. -Jon Carrier, senior

Q: Would you rather get 100 roses or 100 pieces of chocolate?

A: I would rather get 100 peices of chocolate because roses die

-Ally Krautter, junior

Q: On a Valentines Day Date should the guy pay for the date?

A: Yes, because it’s the polite thing to do -Corey Sterrett, junior

A: No, because if I were the guy I would get tired of paying all the time -Madi Smith, junior

A: Yes, because the guy should give the bigger gift -Abby Frick, Senior

Q: What is your favorite pick up line?

A: Are you a magician? Because every time I look at you everyone else disappears – Mr. Snair