Notability Crash Causes Calamity


Mark Fisher, Reporter


Over the course of this past week, the widely used app “Notability” has been randomly disappearing from the app lists of GM students. The app has become widely used and depended upon for the curriculum of many teachers, and with the crash of the application, came with it many affected student who lost all of their valuable notes that have been taken up to this point.

The predominant cause of the crash has yet to be revealed, but the troubles of attempting to recover the lost information has taken priority. Some students previously backed up their valuable data to a Google Drive account, and were able to save their notes and assignments before the deletion occurred.

The process of backing up your content is simple, and could save your files in the future.

– Create/log into your google drive.
– Create a Notability folder.
– Go into Notability.
– Select the small settings icon in the bottom left.
– In “auto backup,” select Google Drive
– Select the blue settings icon that appears
– Select the notability folder inside that options tab

Do this, and your selected files will now upload directly to Google Drive as well as your Notability, and you should be safe from future app catastrophes.