Life’s a Zoo


Claire Campbell

Rosie the Rat

Emma Campbell, Journalist

What do Mr. Stauffer, a hamster, and two turtles have in common? All of them can be found at General McLane high school!

Mr. Vath, the biology teacher in room 109, hopes his many classroom pets will make a positive impact in his students lives. “I want them to have a better awareness of the life around them,” says Vath who currently houses two rats, two tortoises, a hamster, several fish, a snake, and two tarantulas.

Vath’s been keeping them since he can remember and doesn’t mind the upkeep since the kids do a lot of it themselves, adding, “They’re more of the students’ critters.” And that’s how he wants it.

Currently, there are many kids at GMHS who don’t get to interact with animals like his at home, so Mr. Vath is happy to give them that chance. “I want the students to be able to interact with them which is why I got the rats. The hamster gets grumpy sometimes.”

Recently, Mr. Vath has also taken the steps to obtain another tarantula which he hopes the kids can hold. “It’s for (the students). I do this to teach them and broaden their view of the world.”