The Breakfast Club


Seniors Elijah Conley, Matt Redinger, Evan Vincent, Derek Hecker, Grant Travis, and Jon Carrier meet up weekly for breakfast at Flip.

Jon Carrier, Reporter

Every Friday morning is the same routine. Get up and get ready for school at 5:45 am. Drive through an empty, dimly lit Edinboro. Meet with four other friends and be the first ones let inside Flip Cafe.

Every Friday morning, I’m surrounded by good food and people. There is no better way to start the morning than with two big blueberry pancakes that don’t even fit on your plate. Evan Vincent, Elijah Conley, Derek Hecker, Grant Travis and myself have been meeting at the same table at the same time every Friday for almost two years now.

“Meeting every Friday has brought us closer together, and now it’s a brothership,” said Vincent.

Every Friday is our piece of summer that we bring with us during the school year. It’s our way to escape the stresses of school, sports, women, or life in general. We talk, we argue, we reminisce, and sometimes socialize with the local regular old men that read the newspaper with a coffee. Our goal is to someday be those old regulars that know everybody by name in the cafe. I believe we are already halfway there.

“It all started by a generous act of kindness our junior year,” explained Travis.

The first Friday morning of our junior year, we walked in beat tired, not yet adjusted to our new school sleep schedule. We were even thinking of just going once a month instead because we were too tired and barely hungry. That is, until we were getting ready for our checks to come, and our waitress, Debbie, came over with a smile and no checks. She told us that someone anonymously paid for everyone at our table. At that moment, those words were the best thing we heard in weeks. That’s when it was solidified that we would wake up early every Friday for breakfast.

We are always greeted by our favorite waitress, Debbie. Even though it is not even 6:30 a.m., she is always happy to see us. She knows all our names and orders. When she sees us sit down, she immediately greets us and gets our drinks ready before we even have the chance to ask. The same cook is always there welcoming us when we walk in and makes our breakfast exactly how we want it. The same old man sits behind us and occasionally chimes in to our conversations.

“It feels like we are part of the family here,” said Hecker.

If you happen to stop by Flip’s anytime soon, look for us on the wall. There you will see pictures of all the regulars, including ours. Sitting at the bottom of the frame with big smiles on our faces and pancakes stacked high on our plates.  We are making high school memories one Friday at a time.

“Every Monday I wake up longing for the next Friday morning,” remarked Conley.