How Does Makeup Make You Feel?


Beth Abbate

What in “hairnation?” Snair agrees to get his makeup done.

Beth Abbate, Reporter

Mr. Snair and Mrs. Zona agreed to both get their makeup done for an experiment: How does makeup affect how you feel?

For Mr. Snair, Morrigan Dougherty and I used a heavy amount of eyeshadow, contour, and mascara. Throughout the process he flinched, cringed, and even teared up.  He yelled, “Stop poking my eyes!” throughout the process. After his makeup was done, Snair reflected on how he felt about makeup. “I don’t understand why any girl would do that to themselves on a daily basis. Just be yourselves,” he said.

Mrs. Zona was also skeptical, but in the end enjoyed it. It was a new experience for her. She was self conscious, but she still looked fabulous! We also curled her hair, which was new to her. “I didn’t know I could look like this!” she said.  “I didn’t even wear this much makeup on my wedding day!” Although she liked the look for a night out, Zona reported that she was happier when she washed her face at the end of the day.  “I was happier to just look like me again.”

According to junior Hannah McDermott, “Makeup is not something just used to cover up your imperfections. It’s to enhance your natural beauty.”  Like Hannah said, girls use makeup to cover “imperfections,” while others use it to bring out what they already have. Whether you use it daily, monthly, a lot or a little, it’s more important that you look and feel beautiful to yourself than look beautiful to others.