Is It Worth The Extra Jump?

Sophmores Olivia Minner, Sydney Schuster, and Sydney Patterson get some air at Get Air.

Issy Getty, Reporter

The trampoline park phenomenon is quickly becoming a treat that everyone can enjoy. Recently, a new trampoline park opened at the East Grandview Plaza in Erie and was cleverly named “Get Air.” Most have heard of this new attraction in the city, but it’s not the only park around.

There is also the trampoline park called “Sky Zone.” The nearest Sky Zone is in Highland Heights, Ohio. Sky Zone has been open for quite some time, but Get Air just opened on August 25. Each park has their own features built in.

Sky Zone has the typical area for just jumping, a dodgeball area, a few basketball hoops, and a foam area. Get Air features all of those attractions, plus two obstacle courses. The question is: is it worth it to drive to Ohio for the same fun you could be having in a city that is 30 minutes away at the same price?

Chloe Sherman, senior, has been to both parks and thinks that Sky Zone has more trampolines on the walls than Get Air. She says that, “The drive [to Sky Zone] is kind of pointless. It’s not really worth it. There are extra features like obstacle courses.” Sherman rated her experience a eight out of ten for Sky Zone and a nine out of ten for Get Air. She explained that, “The only reason Get Air didn’t receive a 10 out of 10 rating is because it’s supposed to be a trampoline park, so I just think the trampoline aspect could have been better. Plus, it has really strange dividers.” In this senior’s eyes, Get Air definitely gets the win.

Senior Melina Walter commented that, “Dodgeball and the tight rope are really fun at Get Air.” Although she hasn’t been to Sky Zone, Walter agrees with Sherman that Get Air is the better option. She does admit that she would try going to Sky Zone “just to get out of Edinboro for an adventure.”

“Flipping into the foam pit is my favorite part of Sky Zone,” said senior Sara Nagy who has been to the Sky Zone in Ohio. However, Nagy would rather go to Get Air now that it’s available “because it’s more convenient and closer to home.”

These parks seem to be in a battle; a battle that Sky Zone is evidently losing due to its location. In addition to these two pre-existing parks, the Millcreek Mall recently announced that they will be installing a “Vertical Jump Park” in the site of the former Gander Mountain. Scott Enterprises also intends to move ahead with plans to construct a trampoline adventure park near Splash Lagoon. Time will tell as to how this competition will affect the jump wars but it looks like locals will soon have many more options to get their bounce on.