No Bells, No Good?

Haley Bloomquist, Reporter

At the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year, General McLane High School did away with the bell system. The only bells that remain are the bells in the morning, to signal the start of the school day. Plans to add a dismissal bell are currently in the works. But what is the reason for the absence of bells?

Mr. Mennow, principal, stated, “What I really want to do is make the environment feel like less like an old school system. The tension people felt was the bells and the call downs. These caused stress and anxiety. I want to treat kids more like adults. In the real world, nobody follows bells. In college there are no bells, the class is over when the professor says.”

Some people like the fact that the bells are gone, but other people do not. “I’m okay with it. As long as we have them in the mornings it’s fine,” stated Mr. Korb. He added, “I don’t think that it is affecting class performance, all my classes are doing a good job of working.”

Miss. Fritchman added “At first I was against it because it made it more difficult when I was teaching, but now that it’s in place I think it is good.” The teacher also exclaimed “The one thing I don’t like is how there is no bell at the end of the day.”

Students who are enjoying the change include senior Jenna Brock. “I like it because it makes the day go quicker, and I like being able to dismiss myself. Most teachers end early and don’t lecture to the bell, they lecture until a good stopping place. I think that they should add 11:15 bell and 2:45 bell though,” Brock stated.

Sophomore Ellen Eisert concurs. “I like not having the anxiety of the bells,” she stated, but went on to add, “I kind of like the no bells, but at the same time I don’t like it because some teachers have different approaches on it, sometimes letting students out early or late.”
Students who dislike the removal of the bell system include senior Phoebe Will who said, “I dislike it because I think it’s ineffective and it makes kids look at the clock more.” She continued, “I don’t think it affects education very much though.”

Some students are hoping to go back to the bell system, including junior Jaymie Kavelish. “I think we should have kept the bells because it made switching classes a lot easier. I wish they would bring them back.”

As the school year goes on, opinions might change as it just takes time to get used to something new. Bells at GMHS will become a distant memory, putting an end to the age old excuse, “saved by the bell.”