Have you seen ‘IT’?


The S.S Georgie like the one in the film! Credit to Autumn Saxon for creating the boat!

Jonah Morelli, Writer

The long awaited “IT” movie finally hit theaters on Sept. 8, and it is by far the best movie I’ve ever seen. The movie was revamped from the 1990’s mini series which was based off Stephen King’s book, “IT”, so within the first few minutes of the movie you’re filled with a warm sense of nostalgia, but you’re quickly ripped from that comfort and thrown into the terrifying world of 2017 Pennywise, which is more than ten times scarier than the 1990 Pennywise.


The CGI in the film is so good, within the first three minutes of the film you get to see the new Pennywise morph into a horrible monster ripping off little Georgie’s arm, but the graphics are so realistic, that while you’re watching your stomach drops. Even if you don’t scream you’re still scared or at the very least deeply disturbed.

The new movie followed the book very closely which was nice since some people haven’t read the book but regardless it was easy to follow and exciting the entire time. You barely get a moment to breathe, this movie has you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

“It had good scare tactics and had just enough thought put into it to get under everyone’s skin,” said Dennis McCain, senior, who viewed the movie shortly after it came out. He also added that, “In the newer “IT” there’s some comedy thrown in, [like] Eddie’s freak out on the ‘gazebo’ pills, and Richie in general, and it’s also way more realistic.”

Just when you think you can predict the next part you’re completely caught off with how gruesome some of the scenes are. For example the projector scene, all the kids are in the garage and when Pennywise starts showing up in the photos you don’t expect the clown to actually crawl out of the screen.

This movie has an R rating for “violence/horror, bloody images, and for language. So if you are into gore, and are over 18 (or accompanied by an adult) this movie will get you into the Halloween spirit. It was beyond incredible, I give it five stars out of five!


Bill Skarsgård (who plays IT) can independently move his eyes to make IT’s signature wall-eyed look, none of the eye moment on the clown was CGI.

The children in the movie didn’t see IT in full costume until the scene when IT crawled out of the fridge in the abandoned house, so the kids reactions were authentic horror.

The new movie was released 27 years after the 1990 original film, which is when IT emerges from the sewers to feast on children.

Bill Skarsgård also turned 27 during filming (spooky, right?).