Panini Oh Me


Ben Hodapp

Press it out

Ben Hodapp , Steamy Reporter

Sizzle, bubble, melty!  The school just acquired a panini maker over the summer in the cafeteria, and it is off the hiz hop. With the new cafe style tables in the cafeteria getting all the attention, many students are unaware that there is a panini maker in the cafeteria next to the microwave, and it is awesome.

  The panini maker is on during lunch hours and can hold a maximum of two sandwiches at a time. Along with the maker, the cafeteria has started selling MTO style sandwiches you throw into the machine for about a minute.

  Senior Bryce Williams was aware of this new addition to the cafeteria, stating, “Yes, I did know there was a panini machine. I have used the machine, and it is a pleasant delight.” Senior Becca Kerr stated, “I was not aware there was a panini machine in the cafeteria, and I want one now.”

  The machine is available during all lunches and is always preheated.  Currently, the panini maker is only available to student who purchase a sandwich from the cafeteria. The dials are preset to the perfect temperature, so there’s no need to switch it to anything else.

  Opinions about the machine are positive, but Williams raised a concern, “One concern to the student body about the maker is an increased amount of traffic towards the microwave area and the wrap side of the cafeteria.”

  As a dedicated reporter, I went into the cafeteria and experienced the sandwich in full. When you walk into the lunchroom, it’s about as loud as usual. You see the podium and whoever is the lunch monitor, and when you reach the the lunch line you pick what sandwich you want and pay for it. You walk down to the microwave, and then you see it the panini maker. Opening up the lid, you get a wonderful aroma of previously baked sandwiches.

  After about a minute and a half, you open the lid and see the grill marks and smell the wonderful smell of melted cheese, cooked meats, and crisp bread. As soon as you sit down at your table, your mates gaze at the concoction with the intensity of a lion hunting its prey through the Serengeti. The first bite is the best bite: warm, crispy, gooey. After you finish your sandwich, your friends and classmates will be envious until next lunch period.