Catching a New Opportunity


Fairview, General McLane, and Girard players come together after a victory against Mechanicsburg.

Ellen Eisert, Reporter

Three schools. Two sports. One team. In the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year, the General McLane school board decided on something that would change General McLane sports history. GM along with Girard, and Fairview would combine to score a larger and stronger team for the water polo and lacrosse existing club programs at Fairview High School.

With the school board approval came opportunities. Opportunities for students to learn a new sport, make some new friends and teammates from different schools, and compete in different parts of the region.

GM sophomore and Fairview water polo player Macie Peyton, said that the co-op has been a really positive experience for her, especially the participation of teammates outside of the GM walls. She explained that her favorite part about the co-op is meeting new friends from different schools, “My teammates help us out with many problems in and out of the pool. They’re always there to lean on though they are not at the same school as us.”

Water polo captain, Claire Chevalier, from Fairview High School stated, “The co-op has helped our water polo team in great strengths! My freshman year, we had just enough girls to play, now we have 15 girls which is great for us!” Chevalier says that the joining of the three schools was “nothing but beneficial” and always encourages other girls to join. “With more girls it is such a relief!” she also added.

The water polo team travels all across Pennsylvania to compete. The team attends over six tournaments each season and will conclude it’s season in the end of October.

The co-op also provides students with the opportunity to play lacrosse. General McLane junior Makenzie Goss plays on the Fairview team and stated, “Lacrosse is such a positive experience. I’ve wanted to play for a long time and finally got the chance to play at Fairview.” Goss added “I’ve made a lot of new friends from Fairview who made joining schools feel welcomed.”

Goss recommends other students to participate in lacrosse to learn a new game and to meet some new friends while doing so. The lacrosse season starts in the beginning of spring. If you are looking for a new opportunity or want to be a part of these teams, contact our athletic trainer, Rob Kennerknecht for more information!