Picasso’s: A True Culinary Masterpiece

Picasso’s menu

Rebecca Kerr, Reporter

Steaming panini presses, painter’s pallet tables, soft music, smiling employees. All are components of an overall wonderful experience at Picasso’s gourmet sandwich shop.

A giant chalkboard on the wall displaying the day’s menu in an array of chalked colors is what greeted me as I walked through the doors of Picasso’s. The relaxing yet efficient atmosphere was great for just stopping in or sitting down, so my friends and I decided to stay for a while.

When we walked up to the counter we were greeted by a sweet and smiling waitress who promptly asked if she could help us. We asked for a moment to think and she said to let her know when we’re ready to order. The sandwich choices range from things such as “The Thinker,” a grilled cheese with your choice of three cheeses, all the way to “Venus de Milo,” a vegetarian option which consists of hummus, onions, baby spinach, tomato, muffaletta spread, carrots, avocado, and roasted red pepper sauce. If you don’t feel up to having a sandwich they also offer a small array of mac ‘n cheeses, such as alfredo, hot ranch, bacon, chicken-bacon, and sausage mac. I, as well as senior Isabel Getty and Cambridge Springs junior, Ty Turner, were a little overwhelmed by our choices to say the least.

With thirteen signature sandwich options in front of us and the ever enticing mac ‘n cheese possibility off to the side, we each finally settled on what we wanted to try. Having been there once before, I decided to go first and order what I thought was the best sandwich I’d ever had in my life, the Mona Lisa, which only costs $8.49 for the whole sandwich. The sandwich consists of turkey, tomato, artichoke hearts, baby spinach, havarti cheese, and creamy pesto sauce.

I tried to persuade Issy to get their featured sandwich which had twinkies, turkey, and provolone but she opted for a half of the Van Gogh at the cheaper cost of $5.79. She later proclaimed that the mac ‘n cheese, ham, bacon, cheddar, and creamy chipotle sauce concoction was delicious. After failing at persuading him to try the strange featured sandwich as well, Ty ordered a half of the Michelangelo, one of the more simple and cheap sandwich options at only $5.09. He refused to put down the chicken, bacon, alfredo, and provolone sandwich until it was completely gone, so I can safely assume he liked it.

With the sun softly setting outside the windows of the small Interchange Road location, my friends and I decided to wrap up our little outing before closing. We’ll definitely have to go back some day soon. I would highly recommend heading into Erie and enjoying a signature sandwich for yourself.

Picasso’s Millcreek Mall – Erie ®
2060 Interchange Road
Erie, PA 16565

Fri & Sat