Game It Up


Ben Hodapp

Tap Tap Zap

Ben Hodapp, Steamy reporter

What constitutes as a popular app-based game? The iPad has had games for a long time but recently students have been playing apps at a more escalated rate. iPad games are little or big mini games you can play while learning at the same time (not recommended by teachers and staff). While iPad games are highly distracting, they also provide a relief from schoolwork during the school day.

Currently, only upperclassmen can download games. These games can provide educational resources as well, but, that’s beside the point. So, let’s talk about popular games. When polling students, I have accumulated the knowledge that Clash Royale, Cut the Rope, and Flappy Birds are very popular games at the moment.

The premise of these games are as follows. Clash Royale is a medieval player vs. player style set game based on the purpose to destroy the other players castle while defending yours at the same time. Sophomore Issac Kennedy stated, “I am in arena 6 and currently have 3 legendary cards.”Cut the Rope is a puzzle based game where you find unique ways to “cut the rope” and feed a tiny green monster a piece of candy. Flappy Birds is about a small bird who you navigate through a series of pipes to avoid collision.

While talking to junior Elliot Grucza, he stated that he plays “ESPN” which is technically not a game, but it is an application where you can check sport scores just like on our website at you can watch sports games. With the question of upcoming games many students mentioned Drive Ahead, Dunkers, and Netflix.

Games in general are distracting towards class work and should not be played during a lecture, however, during down time of some classes it is acceptable to play games.

Most iPad games are free to play and derive developmental funding from advertising commercials. Some games also use a system called micro transactions where you pay money for in game perks and support. Some of the games are even educational one of these games is called Words With Friends. In this game, you race the clock to make words out of a set list of letters for points, and whoever has the most points wins the game.

Many different types of students play iPad games from jocks to gamers. Female athletes to anime designers. Ipad games are very unique in their concepts only rivaled by console platforms, but that’s for another article.