Terror on the Lake

Terror on the Lake

Jaymie Kavelish, Reporter

Fun, frights, and freaky fall nights. Come to the haunted Ghost Lake if you dare.
The 13 Levels of Fear at Conneaut Lake Park, also known as Ghost Lake, is sure to provide thrills and chills this Halloween season. It is said to be the largest, longest, and scariest haunted attraction in the world.

Ghost Lake is a spooky walk-through attraction with over 160 live “monsters” that jump out and scare you; however, they cannot touch you. This attraction consists of 13 different levels. Some of the popular levels are The Haunted Hotel Conneaut, the Demon House, Purple Haze, the Blue Streak Ghoster Coaster, and more. To complete all 13 levels, it takes about two hours. That is two long hours of scares, jumps, and many frights to get you in the spooky Halloween spirit. Ghost Lake is a Halloween fall favorite for many people, especially for students here at General McLane.

“I am really excited to go this year,” says freshman, Haley Bloomquist.

While lots of students have enjoyed the scares in the past, many others haven’t, but are still willing to check it out. This includes junior, Erik Andrzejewski who stated, “I have never been to Ghost Lake before because I am not really into haunted houses, but I’ve heard that it’s really fun and I see myself going there this year.”

Another student willing to take on the 13 levels of fear is junior Elayna Pyle. Pyle says, “I have not been there before, but it seems scary. I would still like to go this year, but I would surely never go there alone!”

Ghost Lake will run from September 22 until October 29. Costs may be a bit pricy, but it is definitely worth it. Many General McLane students recommend visiting this haunted attraction. Make sure to grab some friends and have yourself a terrifyingly good time!

If you’re going:
Hours: Cost:
Friday and Saturday from 7 p.m. until midnight. $25 for an adult and $15 for kids 11 and under
Sundays it is open from 7 p.m. until 11 p.m. $20 for an adult and $10 for kids.