Understanding Genders


Dennis McCain has been out as transgender for nearly five years and still struggles with acceptance from peers.

Dylan Snell, Reporter

Culture, differences, acceptance. There are many different ways to understand genders. Today in society, people can transition to a different gender than they were born with. People can also not identify as any gender, and so on. If certain people want to understand what transitioning is, and not identifying as a gender is all about this is a great place to start. Understanding genders is not something that happens overnight. People have to put time and effort into it.

The key to understanding genders is knowing the person. Knowing the person who is struggling with their identity is a crucial part in understanding genders. Also, knowing the person who may be struggling gives an advantage to learning by sharing their part of the story, and what they are struggling with so more people will have a better understanding.

Both Olivia Evankovich, senior, and Taylor Paulus, junior, stated they have a close connection to the club they run which is GM Acceptance (GMA), or as the students call it, “Gay Club.”

“The club helps people come out on their own. They come out at their own pace and come out if they would like to,” said Olivia. When it comes to the situation of coming out, it gets very sensitive to the people involved.

“The club is good for closeted people who want to come out. It is a good area to start because it’s okay with us,” said Evankovich. It can be extremely difficult for people to admit it to themselves. When people come out there is a strict line of sensitivity only few people can cross. Since this is a very sensitive situation, people have to be very careful with their words, or people who are struggling in this area may get offended.

Evankovich and Paulis spread the word about the club primarily by use of Snapchat. “There was also a billboard by the gym with flags, but people would just tear it down,” said Paulis. People tearing down the billboard upset a lot of people, including the club.

Other peers who do not support LGBTQ+ are not happy with this “movement.” Senior Dennis McCain had a lot to say on this particular subject.  McCain has been out as transgender for about five years. He has dealt with many acceptance issues.

McCain stated, “There was a petition that was passed around and signed to try to get me thrown out of school.” Having a petition signed by people who doesn’t grasp this situation can be hard.

Most people simply cannot imagine what McCain was going through when he heard about this so called “petition.” McCain also said, “Freshman got paid to walk up to me and call me by my [previous] first name.”

What Dennis does is his right, people he doesn’t even know shouldn’t have the right to call him by his opposite sex name.

The bathroom situation is a big issue, but the faculty are working on a gender-neutral bathroom.  “[The bathroom] is far. If you are in a class on the other side of the school, you have to walk all the way there, and if the nurse isn’t there, you can’t use the bathroom in her office.”

McCain offerred advice for anybody else who was struggling with gender identity.  “Make tomorrow jealous of today. Signed Dennis.”

McCain is currently in the running for Homecoming King and plans on running for Mr. GM.

When opinions are shared,  perspectives may change for the greater good. Hopefully more people will accept people that are LGBTQ+.