A New Print


Ellen Eisert, Reporter

At the beginning of the school year, classes seem to slowly roll by, except for Mrs. Hodas’ Graphic Design II class. The class recently teamed up with Mrs. Bentley’s retail management class in the hope to give students more appealing options to represent our school colors in different styles of shirts.

The classes’ assignment went beyond the classroom and into the hallways as they began to make new designs for General McLane t-shirts and spirit wear that had the potential to be sold and purchased at the student store. This would give students more spirit wear options while providing the graphic design II students with a way to showcase their work outside of class.

What lead to this creative idea? “The students in my class wanted to make a design for a real world application, and Mrs. Bentley’s class provided us with the opportunity to design for the school store,” Hodas stated.

The requirements for the graphic design class assignment consisted of making a crisp design that could represent all of General McLane and could be converted to black and white if needed using multiple Adobe Apps available on the computer.

“It is a great way to display student work” continued Hodas who also mentioned that it was a great idea to relate what students do in class to what they could do in a job. In all of graphic design classes, Hodas creates assignments that incorporate real life situations including graphic design jobs to give students an opportunity to understand what graphic design careers include.

As time went on, the graphic design class took their work seriously, each using their own creative eye while also keeping in mind that what they were creating could be sold to other students. They got inspiration from album covers, fine art, and T-shirts that they’ve seen in different clothing stores, hoping that the designs would appeal to the student body.

“Students took a lot of time looking at artwork and critiquing what they enjoyed about it. They (the graphic design students) didn’t want to have a traditional look that has been done before!” Hodas explained. Some of the best designs have been displayed on the General McLane digital art page in the beginning of September.

Mrs. Bentley’s class narrowed the designs down to two, and the winners are: Eric Andrzejewski and Nick Renick! Andrzejewski’s design will be featured on a t-shirt while Renick’s will be printed on a hoodie. Each student will receive a free shirt featuring their winning designs courtesy of the student store.

Mrs. Bentley thinks it’s great that the store will sell student designed apparel and hopes more students decide to purchase them because they were designed by their peers. The new items should be available by the beginning of November.

A new design, and a new print.