The King and Queen of Our Hearts


Mrs. Zona

Aaron Wagner & Jocie Connolly after being crowned GM homecoming king and queen.

Friday the thirteenth was nothing but lucky for the students and faculty of General McLane School District. The night sky was illuminated with color as the football team was victorious over Fort LeBoeuf. The true spirit of homecoming, however, did not come with a football victory. It would be exemplified only a few minutes after the score was final.
It wasn’t long before students, faculty, and fans rose to their feet and roared as this year’s homecoming king and queen were announced: Jocie Connolly and Aaron Wagner. “The football team went crazy, the stands went crazy, everyone went crazy and they weren’t even crowned yet!” described Issy Getty, senior cheerleader.

The big question is what made this homecoming different than any other homecoming? Both Jocie and Aaron (Wags) have special needs, but neither lets this define them. Nor does the student body. “It really shows how inclusive our school really is. We have never voted for the stereotypical people. We always make things important for everyone.” Getty remarked.
There is much more to these two students than what can be seen from the eye. They became friends in fourth grade and later became a couple before Prom 2017. They are clearly loved by the student body, and many students felt they deserved to be recognized for their involvement around the school. “Wags (Aaron) is at all sporting events and band competitions and he’s a waterboy for the football team. Jocie is a supporter of the arts and the sports. They are some of the nicest people we have at GM,” another GM student commented.

After homecoming, Jocie and Wags reflected on the moments that made their weekend so special. Jocie, who describes herself as fashionable, awesome, nice, and kind, stated her favorite part about homecoming weekend was when her name was announced for homecoming queen. She also described the crowd when everyone was jumping up and down. “I was very happy,” Jocie said smiling.

Wags, who wants people to remember him when he graduates for going to all of the sporting events and supporting everyone, said homecoming was “good.” His favorite part of the weekend was riding in the Edinboro homecoming parade and throwing out candy to all the attendees. He also enjoyed riding to the dance in style in a limo stocked full of pop, and dancing with his friends at the dance.

After the game, Jocie and Wags went to Charlie’s in Edinboro to celebrate. On Saturday, the couple went to Flip’s for dinner with a group of their friends and then showed up to the dance in the limo that was donated by a community member to them to make their night even more memorable. Jocie and Wags were celebrated in the community with a front page article in the Erie Times-News as well as with a story on the evening news. Jet 24-Fox 66 news reporter Elena LaQuatra who did the story on the couple stated that their story was one of the most liked stories ever on the news station’s Facebook page. “They are celebrities!” LaQuatra exclaimed.

More about Jocie and Wags:
Jocey: She likes to play X-box in her free time and loves hanging out with friends. She is most proud of her family and is best dancing. She also said she loves school because people come up and say hi, “it makes me happy” she added. When talking about her king (Wags) she said “He’s cute” also adding that he was her #1 fan and is always here for her.

Wags: On the other hand, Wags describes Jocie as “pretty” as he smiled. Aaron likes to attend all GM sporting events. His favorite sporting events to go to are volleyball games, soccer games, and most of all football games. He likes to eat the schools wraps and loves getting high fives in the hallway. His favorite color is pink.