Students at Work


Melina Walter

Some student council members helping out with coronation.

Haley Carter, Reporter

Have you ever wondered who comes up with the themes of homecoming or who decides days for spirit week? Student council does it all.

Student council is a student ran board that allows students to voice their opinion in everyday things at GM. Last year, Mrs. McFadden was in charge but this year we have new faculty members who are in charge of assisting the students. Those faculty members are Mrs. Cousins and Mr. Oathout.

“When I left the middle school, I left the 8th Grade Advisors, and I was looking for my niche at the high school. I like to work with kids outside the classroom and get to know them in other situations. With three kids at home, it is too big of a job to do on my own, so I’m so glad Mr. O. agreed to split the role with me,” stated Mrs. Cousins.

This year’s class officers are president Brad Yoder, vice president Kendra Trezona, secretary Olivia Evankovich, and treasurer Adam Hushon. In regards to what student council does, the council plans the following: homecoming dance, Halloween spirit week, Christmas spirit week, homecoming spirit week, and many more things.

Student council doesn’t stop after Christmas, they also do different activities during the school year leading up to the last day of school. Senior Allie Shade says, “My favorite thing about student council is having a say and being in charge.”

Any student is welcome to join student council. It is never too late to join and voice your opinion on any upcoming or present things at GM! Student council meets usually before school on Wednesday’s at 7:15 a.m. or during tutorial on Wednesday’s.