OH MY COD! The Little Mermaid is Coming to GM!


Melina Walter, Reporter

The General McLane music program proudly presents Disney’s “The Little Mermaid!” The Little Mermaid is an age old tale about a little mermaid longing to be part of the world above the sea. Disney adapted the Hans Christian Anderson story into the much-loved animated version featuring Ariel, Prince Eric, Queen Ursula, Sebastian, Flounder, and King Triton in 1989.

Auditions for the show took place back in early September and the cast and crew have been hard at work preparing ever since. The show will feature junior Taylor Thomas as Ariel, senior Brennon Herlihy as Sebastian, and senior Melina Walter as Queen Ursula. Other well-known characters will be played by junior Samuel Petkac as Prince Eric, sophomore Gabe Bayle as Flounder, and junior Abraham Kozloff as King Triton.

“I’m super excited about the Little Mermaid, and I can’t wait for the show,” Thomas stated. She is looking forward to bringing Ariel to the stage and performing several of the musical pieces. “I like ‘Beyond My Wildest Dreams’ because it’s my favorite solo and ‘She’s In Love’ because it’s a banger,” Thomas commented.

Herlihy, who has portrayed several memorable characters here at GMHS and at the Erie Playhouse is also excited about the show and portraying the red Jamaican crab, Sebastian. “I’m excited to finish my high school career with a role that I’ve been wanting to play since the sixth grade,” remarked Herlihy. “I am going to bring a little bit more attitude to role while still remaining true to character.”

Before the show run begins, the music program will be holding a “Little Mermaid Sea Tea Party” fundraiser. The event will be similar to the Erie Playhouse’s Princess Ball in that attendees will get to meet and interact with cast of the play. It will feature character performances, mermaid dancing, sea-themed foods and drinks, and more! The Sea Tea Party will be held in the GMHS Cafeteria on Saturday, November 11 from 3 p.m.-5 p.m. and the price of tickets is $17.

Aside from the fundraiser, there are many elements that need to be incorporated to create a fantastic musical such as “The Little Mermaid.” Not only is the cast wonderful, but the lights, costumes, sound board, and the set are shaping up to be marvelous! The set of the musical will be built by former GM art teacher Buck Snodgrass, the lights will be run by GM English teacher, Lon Jenkins, and the sound board will be run by former GM student Dylan Baumgartner and Lucas Fosberg, the head of facilities at McLane Church.

The new theater wing is getting use to build the captivating set and to house the many costumes and props needed for approximately 40 cast members in the show. The majority of the creative costumes are being rented from a professional theatre company in Baltimore, Maryland. Others are on loan from the Erie Playhouse.

During the weekend of the performances, there will be raffle baskets to win, concessions treats to munch on, and candy grams that you can buy and give to a student in the musical.
“It seems to be a very popular show and a lot of people have said that they can’t wait to see it,” says Mr. Yates, music program director.

O-fish-ally, the show will take place on November 16, 17, and 18 at 7 p.m. and November 19 at 2 p.m. in the GMHS Auditorium. The performance prices are $15 for reserved seating in Ariel’s Grotto, $10 for general adult seating, and $8 for general student seating. Sea Tea Party and Performance Tickets will be sold in the High School Office. Hope to sea you there!