Save a Life, Give Blood


Hannah Wyman, Editor in Chief

    On Dec. 12, the National Honor Society hosted the bi-annual blood drive in partnership with the Community Blood Bank of Northwest Pennsylvania and Western New York. “It been at tradition even longer than I’ve been the advisor of National Honor Society and it’s a good way to help the community,” explained Mrs. Ethridge. Students ages 16 and up donated blood at scheduled appointments which took place in the auxiliary gym throughout the school day. Each year, thousands of people rely on receiving donated blood and blood products to stay alive. Certain injuries and illnesses can quickly cause a person’s blood levels to drop. Without enough blood, they will not receive enough oxygen in their body, resulting in death. Many hospitals and medical centers utilize donated blood to save the lives of their patients. “It’s a good thing to do,” stated sophomore Andrew Brendlinger.

Seventy-two students signed up to donate. Walk-ins were also accepted. The Community Blood Bank takes one pint of blood from donors and offers and an arrangement of snacks and beverages. To those donating for the first time, the experience can seem daunting. Senior Ellec Scouten donated blood for the first time last school year. “I was a little nervous [last year]. But this time, I wasn’t as nervous and I wasn’t dizzy at all.” However, according to veteran donor junior Dana Scharrer, “It’s not that bad. The reward of giving back is worth it.”

Members of NHS set up tables in the lobbies and cafeteria made regular announcements to encourage students to donate during the days leading up to Dec. 12. Donors were gifted a $10 Amazon gift card courtesy of the Community Blood Bank. As a non-profit organization, the Community Blood Bank has been providing a safe, reliable supply of volunteer blood to partner hospitals in communities such as Erie, Warren, and McKean. The blood Drive at General McLane High School has been a years long hosted event. The next blood drive will take place in the spring of 2018. Many students recognize the benefits in donating during the holiday season. Junior Ashley Swanson thinks she’ll donate again next year. “I did it last year and I want the food. I want to help people in need so I’m donating my blood.”