Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories

Maddy Bruce, Editor in Chief

In 2017, the internet was shaken by the conspiracy theory that famous pop-punk singer Avril Lavigne died in the early 2000s and was replaced by her doppelganger who used to pose as her for the paparazzi, Melissa Vandella. This conspiracy theory was pretty big, but there are far bigger conspiracy theories that have been around longer. Conspiracy theories are everywhere. They can be about the government, celebrities, and places. Basically, if something doesn’t have a complete explanation, there is bound to be a conspiracy theory about it. People who devise these theories devote extensive amounts of their time to creating a twisted explanation of publicised events, people or places. There are tons of conspiracy theories about numerous landmark events, people and places, both historical and modern. Here are some famous conspiracies that you may or may not be aware of:

The Moon Landing is a Hoax
Nearly 50 years ago, Neil Armstrong was the first American to set foot on the moon. But, did he really? Doubters believe that the moon landing was faked. They claim that, because the Soviet Union had a significant advantage over the U.S. during the Space Race, the U.S. government staged the moon landing in an attempt to take the upper hand. It is believed that they built a secret set that looked like the surface of the moon either at Hollywood Hills or deep within Area 51. Their reasoning? The flag that Buzz Aldrin triumphantly plants in the moon’s surface is waving, and wind is impossible in a vacuum. However, NASA says that Aldrin twisting the flag to get the moon soil, causing the flag to move. Another hole in the plot of this theory is that the only photos and videos available from the moon landing belong to NASA, so there is no independent verification that the moon landing was a hoax.

The Denver Airport Conspiracy
The Denver International Airport opened in December 1995. Originally, it was supposed to be opened in August 1994 and to cost around $5 billion. It ended up opening sixteen months later and costing $2 billion over budget. At the time, people didn’t understand why the airport was being built, because there was a fully-functioning one closer to downtown Denver. Many believe that the extensive amount of time and money that was spent on the airport is sketchy. To add to this sketchy-ness, the airport is twice the size of Manhattan, NY, and is famous for the giant 32 ft statue of a giant horse whose eyes glow red if looked at from a certain angle (oh yeah, and the sculpture killed its sculptor when its head fell off and severed his leg). Inside the airport, there are murals depicting terrifying scenes. One depicts people killing a dove, the symbol of peace. Another features the devil jumping out of a suitcase. There’s even one that shows America submitting to Germany with a Boy Scout handing a boy dressed in Bavarian clothes his weapons. With all of these sketchy features in the airport, people have concocted multiple conspiracy theories. One is that it was built by the “New World Order.” A dedication marker and plaques around the airport show that a group called “The New World Airport Commission” funded the airport. But, it has been proven that no such group exists, and people claim that this is because it is an offshoot of the New World Order. Another theory claims that the airport is the headquarters of the Illuminati. The aforementioned plaques depict the Masonic square and compass symbol, which represents the Illuminati. They also claim that the extra $2 billion spent on the airport went into the underground headquarters of the Illuminati, which were, allegedly, the first five buildings of the airport that the construction company “screwed up” and were told to bury to be used as storage buildings. Alright, Illuminati, we see you.

FEMA Concentration Camps:
FEMA stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency and is an agency if the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that handle disasters in the U.S. For example, they handled Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria. FEMA has the power to declare martial law, which means that if there is a major disaster or crisis in the U.S., FEMA can assume the role of the government and enforce their rule over the public. Because FEMA has this power, people claim that they are planning to imprison U.S. citizens. Some people tie this into the New World Order and claim that FEMA will imprison all U.S. citizens in preparation for implementation of the New World Order. Many people claim that the imprisonment camps that Americans will be taken to are being built in the basements of several Walmarts that closed because of “plumbing problems” within months of each other in 2015. Others claim that they’re being built in Amtrak facilities and Armed Forces training centers. Is this theory true? Because the facilities that people claim FEMA camps are being built in often have known, established purposes, this theory has been debunked several times. But, you never know.

Of course, these are just a few of the many conspiracy theories that exist. There can basically be a conspiracy theory for anything, and some of them can be very interesting. But, always remember that they are just theories, and, unless they are backed up by facts, aren’t necessarily true. So, read at your own risk!