Let’s Glow Crazy!


Morgan Hale, Reporter

On Saturday Jan. 27, Student Council will be hosting a “glow dance” following the basketball game against St. Mary’s. The glow dance will replace the snowball dance that is typically held in February.  

The glow dance is very different and something new for General McLane. The dance consists of black lights, glow sticks, and a DJ. It is also not a formal or semi-formal dance like homecoming or snowball. It is much more affordable and gives students a fun way to spend their Saturday night. The point of the dance is to beef up the student section and to show support for the basketball team.

“Last year we noticed the snowball dance wasn’t as successful as normal, so we tried something different that isn’t so formal,” student council member and senior Mary Claire Cousins stated.  She added, “The game is a white out, so we are encouraging everyone to wear a white shirt and jeans for the dance also. The idea is that your shirt will glow in the dark.”

Many students can’t wait for the dance and are hoping for a better turnout than at snowball. “I’ve never been to the snowball dance, but the glow dance sounds fun!” expressed sophomore, stated Taylor Church. “[It] sounds pretty freaking awesome!” added senior Kylie Williams. “If more people go, it will be better [than snowball]. It may or may not be fun depending on the turnout,” sophomore Lindsey Cain explained.

The dance only costs $2 and will begin immediately following the basketball games. JV starts at 4:30 p.m. with varsity to follow. Students who attend the games will receive a free glow item to wear to dance. The dance will end around 10:30 p.m. so student drivers can get home safely.

Bring your dance moves and positive attitudes and make sure to come and get your glow on next Saturday night!