Maille Larmon Has Gotcha!


Hannah Wyman, Editor In Chief

For the past few years, seniors at General McLane High School have taken on the roles of stalkers, schemers, and shooters by participating in the live action game Gotcha, previously known at GM as Assassins. Popular at college campuses and high schools alike, playing Gotcha is one of the much anticipated parts of finally being a senior at GM. For Max Patterson, he “decided to play because the Gotcha game sounded like a blast in previous years and [he] wanted to be a part of it.” The goal of the game is simple; eliminate the most players by shooting others with a water gun. At the start of the game, each player receives a random target. When a player eliminates their target, they get the victim’s target. Brad Yoder, student council and senior class president, gave out target assignments and kept track of the eliminations that occured for the class of 2018 between Oct. 22 to Dec. 22.
Maille Larmon saw victory with 4 eliminations while Oliva Evankovich came in second with three and Max Patterson clinched third place by shooting two victims. These seniors not only eliminated their targets, but also managed to remain safe the entire time. As for her prize, Larmon on a large portion of the sum of the money that came from the $5 fee seniors payed to play Gotcha. “If I’m being honest, I’m probably going to spend most of my prize money on food, most likely Moe’s,” said the sharpshooting senior. Evankovich said she “set out to be alive when the game was over, then I decided I wanted to win.”
However, for some snipers it wasn’t about money or winning at all. “I really didn’t set out to win much,” said Franklin May. “I was just playing to have fun. Because I had a ton of chances to get Zach [Gray] but I just waited it out. And I didn’t really feel like getting Bailey [Smith], he was harder to get.” Others, such as Evankovich, liked the rush of eliminating their target and succeeding in their goal; “There was a thrill when you finally shoot someone after waiting or following them.”
Some players formed alliances with one another so they could help plan and execute shooting a target. In fact, Larmon cites strategizing with her friends in order to get people out as the best part about playing. Others deceived their friends to get the upper hand. May purposely mislead his target Logan Segal, “I lied to [Logan] and told him I had who Max had but then Max got that person out and he didn’t realize it. So he was just, like, tricked the entire time.”
Although there was only one winner, many left the game with funny memories and exciting stories. “Ryan [Flanagan] was just perfect… He showed up saying ‘alright, I’m watching you. I am not distracted at all.’ And I was like ‘yeah, sure.’ He was on his phone for 20 minutes so I went to Logan’s truck got the big super soaker and just walked up behind him and squirted him again and again until his back was soaked. He was so mad at me. I thought it was the funniest thing… We were playing the music… so I had Alayna [Willow] turn on some Mission Impossible music. And Ryan had no clue, he was on his phone the whole time,” recounted Jeffrey Priester. Some ran into trouble attempting to take down their victims. Patterson had some especially ruff encounters, “When I showed up to Sarah Molnar’s house to eliminate her, I went around to the side of her house and waited for her to get home. But while I was waiting, Sarah’s dad decided he was gonna let the dogs out for a minute. I was discovered.” Others seniors, like Evankovich, had some help from their targets family members; “Simon [Zher]’s mom let me in, made him come downstairs, then [she] shot Simon with my water gun after I had shot him.”
If you asked players, many would say that they are glad that the game has finally come to a close. “I’m glad it’s over because now I don’t have to worry about someone being at my house every time I walk out the door,” said Larmon. Patterson also is relived the game has ended for “I became obsessed with the game and I could finally stop thinking about it when it ended.”
While Larmon s celebrating her win, others are looking forward to playing again in the spring and getting their revenge. According to Priester, “I never had the chance to live in paranoia, I got out in two days” so he “can’t wait to play again in the spring so I can last more than a day.” First elimination of the game, Adam Hushon, declares, “That if you listen to E12 on SoundCloud, I will play again and wreak havoc on all who have wronged me.”