End of Semester Stress

Grace Arthur, Reporter

With the semester quickly coming to a close, students tend to experience feelings of high anxiety and stress levels. The race for their desired grade is on, as final assignments are handed in and their grades become permanent. While some are only stressed during the close of a semester, others maintain a high anxiety level throughout the course of the entire year.

“I’m constantly stressed,” junior, Leah Dubinskiy states as she explains the sources of her stress are “trying to keep grades up or trying to understand the material being taught.”
High expectations for academics can motivate an individual to strive to reach those standards, but they may also cause pressure to fall upon that person. However, the weight of that pressure can sometimes be more than a student can handle.
“I know I can do it,” sophomore, Melissa Swanson says, “it affects my stress level because I don’t think I’m doing my best.”

Although this time may be stressful it is very important to try to keep anxiety to a minimum. Many students don’t do well with stress, so try to find ways to control your levels of it, to keep yourself focused and ready to achieve your goals. Take time to break away from the pressure of schoolwork and give yourself moments to destress. This can look different to many people, whether it’s reading, playing a sport, being outside, or just listening to music, find what benefits you and allows you to calm down the most.

Even in the midst of end of semester stress, try to remain positive and set goals for next semester so you can do even better than before. “My goal for next semester is to get straight A’s,”Leah explains. “My goals next semester are to stay focused and not procrastinate so much,” says Melissa.

Although the end of semester can be a very stressful and exhausting time for some students, try to push through the stress and and manage it as much as possible. Don’t spend your whole high school career stressing and trying to be the best, try to enjoy it as well. Even though striving to reach your goals is extremely important, don’t get confused between your goals and perfection because nobody’s perfect. Sometimes you’re going to get that B, sometimes you’re going to not do as good as you would’ve hoped, but instead of dwelling on that, let it inspire you to do even better.

When it comes to the end of semester, in the words of Bob McFerrin “don’t worry be happy!”