Truck Yeah!


Matt Mountain

Spriester’s truck

Matt Mountain , Reporter

There are many cool cars at General McLane High School. But who has the coolest neck breaking vehicle at General McLane?
Many of our students think junior Ricky Sprester does. When Sprester, otherwise known as Ricky Bobby pulls into the parking lot everyone knows he’s there. He has everyone turning and looking at his truck.

Ricky drives a 1994 Ford F-150 single cab with F-250 suspension and 456 gears sitting on 39.5 inch tires with a 8 inch suspension lift and a 3 inch body lift. The truck also has 2 different gas tanks on it.

“My truck says I’m strong and I am willing to help anybody even if they need a tow” Sprester said about what his vehicle says about him. The truck has a fitting name, “Fearless.” It got its name because, “I run that truck everywhere even to New York and back about every weekend and he never breaks down or struggles.” Some future plans Sprester has for the truck are to put a bigger motor in and have bigger axles on it. The lifted truck drives smooth and accelerates fast and has good handling on it. “The truck is fast because I like to go fast” says Sprester.

Mr. Wible thinks the coolest car at General McLane is “Mr. Basko’s Audi A4 Baja Snow Series.” This is a fair nomination as it is a good looking car. As far as teacher vehicles go, senior Enrique Cornejo favors Mr. Snair’s Toyota Tacoma truck “Rita.” Snair stated he named her Rita because, “Why not?” Snair offered a fun fact about his truck, “It has 136,000 miles and I’ve never changed the rear brakes.” Mrs. Green loves her own Honda CRV and fondly refers to it as “the Batmobile.” “I find myself walking out to the parking lot and telling it I love it,” she said.

Brett Horn’s car, the “Poppin’ Aveo,” was featured in the last issue of the Lancer Ledger. Many students cited this vehicle as their student favorite. “I think the Aveo is the best car, but I also like Dusty’s truck,” Horn stated regarding senior Dusty Hart’s blue lifted single cab 1500 Chevy.

Junior Nick Haschalk’s Jeep Cherokee was definitely a fair candidate for the student’s favorite car. Haschalk’s Jeep is notorious for burning out in the parking lot and for its speed. Legend has it he did 90 mph from one end of the parking lot to the other.

Students cited junior Kyle Bloomquist’s ‘97 orange Mustang as the coolest car at General McLane. Cornejo gave a shout out to his very own Jeep Liberty “Betty” as the coolest. “She’s all black everything and has some boomin beats,” he stated. Senior Shane Johnson and Junior Ryan Kulka have matching Toyota Camry’s named Todd and Tammy which many consider the epitome of cool. “My brother named her Tammy, and the name stuck,” Kulka stated about his ride which is known as the loudest car in the parking lot and not in a good way. The students claim that the cars are “in a relationship.”

The next time you are dismissed check out the car show in our very own parking lot. If you haven’t seen it yet, look for Sprester’s truck, it’ll be hard to miss it. And check out some of the other well-known vehicles of GM. However, overall no one got as many votes as Ricky Sprester for who has the coolest car at General Mclane. The students like Ricky’s truck but who can blame them? It’s hard to not like a truck like that.