Oh Snow! Erie Shuts Down After Major Snowstorm


Kara Murphy

Kara Murphy has lived in Millcreek Township, Pennsylvania, for 15 years and says she’s never seen snow like this. Murphy took this photo at about 7:30 on Tuesday morning. She says they cleared the snow off of her in-laws’ car last night, and it is covered in snow again. “My husband’s guessing we??ve got 3 feet but it??s drifting in spots higher than that,” she said. “We had a plow come down our street overnight but it??s impassable again,” she said.

Dana Scharrer, Editorial Board

This Christmas, the city of Erie received a whopping 60.2 inches of snow, breaking Pennsylvania’s two-day snowfall record. The storm started on Christmas Eve and didn’t let up until Dec. 26. The snowfall affected the way students and teachers at GMHS spent their break. Meteorologist for Jet 24 Tom Atkins said, “[The snow] is historic. We’ve never had snow like this in 145 years of weather records for Erie.”

The snowfall had a different impact on different students.“I had to call off work twice, so I didn’t get any hours and don’t have any money,” said junior Noel Antelek. Students like junior Logan Thompson were trapped in their houses all break because roads were bad and it was too dangerous to leave. About the snow, Thompson said, “oh yuck. I hate snow. I wish it never existed!” Ethan Shampoe, Junior, also had a negative look at the storm saying, “we got more snow than we bargained for.” Some students, however, thought the snow added enjoyment to their break. Unlike Shampoe and Thompson, senior Aaron (Wags) Wagner said his break was “fun.”

Most businesses in Erie were closed on Dec.26, and some even stayed closed for the days to follow. The city went into a state of snow emergency to provide extra resources to keep the roads clear. “this was a 4 day event and since it kept coming with little let up, it eventually stranded people and cars and made getting around very difficult and sometimes impossible.

Snow plows encountered challenges dealing with cars buried in snow. “It’s the after effect, like snow on roofs, snow covered streets and snow removal that has probably been harder to handle,” Atkins further stated. Mr. Reed spent his Christmas break helping get cars out of the snow. Many people also helped with the cleanup.