Is Cyber Shopping Taking Over?

Is Cyber Shopping Taking Over?

Patrick Angelo, Reporter

We all know that cyber shopping is becoming used more and more, but could it put an end to shopping in stores? Some people believe online shopping will cause most shopping malls to close down. However, experts say less than ten percent of retail sales take place online.

Online power house retailers such as Amazon have forced traditional stores to either change their sales strategy or go out of business. As of August, nearly 6,300 stores have announced closures in 2017 according to the Business Insider. These stores include many that are familiar to us locally such as J.C. Penney, Kmart, Macy’s, Sears, Payless, Abercrombie and Fitch, The Limited, and Rue 21. Other stores such as Toys R Us, which filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, will continue to keep their doors open at least for now.

So what makes people choose online shopping over retail? Like most things, the answer is money. Shopping online allows you to do your homework and find the the best deals from the comfort of your sofa. Junior Patience Makusi agrees with this, commenting, “I got two $100 necklaces for $80 at” “Promo codes are where it’s at,” added sophomore Monica Garde.

“I like shopping online because it’s more convenient,” stated teacher Karen Hodas. Convenience is one of the other key factors that make online shopping such a growing industry. “I shop online during school all the time! Sometimes I don’t want to go in public so I just do it at home,” added Garde.
Out of 1,200 malls in the country only 20 percent are considered unhealthy or have more than 10 percent vacancies. Those doing the best are typically the high-end or luxury malls that create a “destination” for shoppers. If the mall has great restaurants or can provide quality customer service, customers may be willing to pay higher prices for products.

Although convenience is a big reason customers buy online, it also drives customers to buy at traditional retail stores. If something goes wrong with an online purchase it’s a lot longer of a process to get it fixed. French teacher Monica Fritchman said that her choice between online and retail, “depends on what I’m buying, anything I might have to return I buy in stores.”

Other people believe that cyber shopping will never be able to replace shopping in stores. Junior Anna Lohse commented, “I do not like online shopping because you don’t know the quality or if anything will fit.”

Whether you prefer to shop online, in retail stores, or a combination of them both, it’s time to get to it! There are only 10 shopping days until Christmas.


Even though a lot of people are starting to shop online more and more, many people still go into stores and there is no chance of anything closing down because of cyber shopping anytime soon.

Shopping in stores is still as popular as ever and the amount of people shopping there hasn’t dropped at all because of cyber chopping. Online shopping is more convenient but To conclude, cyber shopping is very popular but has no chance of taking over shopping in stores anytime in the near future.

I decided to interview some teachers and students and ask them how they preferred to shop. “Promo codes are where it’s at” said sophomore Monica Garde. “I like shopping online because it’s more convenient,” stated freshman RJ Benedict