Rippin’ Lips


Matthew Mountain, Reporter

There are many good places and many different kinds of fish to catch in Erie county. Steelhead fishing is like no other kind of fishing. It can be very fun but also very frustrating when you’re not catching anything. The best time to fish for Steelhead is during their migration seasons in the summer and winter. This is great for people who enjoy fishing in the hot and the cold.

Steelhead can be found all around Erie county in different creeks and streams. They are a very soft fish so when they take the bait you can’t set the hook too hard or it’ll come right out of their mouth. Some of the best places to fish for steelhead around here are Elk Creek, Walnut Creek, Crooked Creek, and Conneaut creek by Ohio and in Ohio as well. It is a far drive but it is loaded with steelhead so it would be worth the long drive. “Mallory Run, behind EUP’s campus, is a good place to fish as long as you are under 14 because it is a stocked creek,” offered Nick Haschalk.

There’s not one kind of bait that is the best for steelhead fishing but using natural baits seems to be more effective than artificial baits. Rubber worms or flies will work too. It mainly just depends on the conditions and time of year you are fishing. “I use wooly bugger flies that I tie” stated senior Luke Soboleski. He used these to catch his personal best fish which was 32 inch and 10 pounds.

Steelhead are usually found in large groups in the water; they rarely are alone. If a steelhead is hooked by the body, it must be thrown back in. The only steelhead allowed to be kept are ones hooked in the mouth. When landing and taking these fish off the hook you must be very careful because these fish are generally very sensitive and vulnerable. If they are not landed and removed properly there’s a good chance the fish won’t make it.

Once the migration starts it always seems to go by so fast, so get out there as much as you can. Good luck to all that go out.