Ice, Ice Fishing


Matthew Mountain, Reporter

Around here Ice Fishing is a popular thing to do. Originally it was used for people to get food during the winter and not much more. Now it is still used for that but it is also used for fun and something to do during the winter.

It is a very different form of fishing compared to other forms of fishing. For one it is a lot colder than most ways of fishing. Ice fishing appeals to everyone and you can always see many different people out on the ice.

Luke Soboleski a student at GM enjoys ice fishing a lot and goes out every day he can. “[I fish for] perch, crappie, pike, walleye, bass and basically everything.’’ Soboleski uses whatever bait the fish are biting on. He has even caught a musky once.

People think ice fishing is always so freezing and cold but if you have the right equipment you can end up fishing in shorts and a t-shirt by the end of the day. You just need a closed off hut and some sort of heater and you’ll be nice and warm. If you have an ice auger it makes creating your hole a lot easier and less time consuming. First you want to find a good spot and then instead of hand drilling it all you have to do is hold the auger while it does the work for you. In return you have a perfect hole ready for lines to be dropped right into.

Ice fishing can be pretty dangerous if you don’t know what your doing. You can fall through the ice pretty easily if your not being careful. You want to make sure there is a safe enough layer of ice on the water so you don’t end up falling through. To fish safely your recommended to have 4 inches of ice over the water, tournaments wont host events if the ice isn’t at least 4 inches thick.

There are ice fishing tournaments around here during the season. You can find these tournaments online and from local places. Which during these tournaments you can get money for catching certain fishes and certain size fishes. You also have several chances to get prizes from the tournament.

This winter is serving up the perfect weather to try ice fishing. Just make sure you do your research and do it safe.