Basketball Update


Gaylene Fay

Logan Donahue in the paint.

Brendon Songer, Reporter

This season has started off very well for both the boys and girls basketball teams. Each team has a very solid record for the first part of their schedules. The boys basketball team is sitting on an 8-2 record with both losses coming from private schools. They first lost to Mercyhurst Prep and then to Cathedral Prep.

The girls picked up their first loss of the season on Jan. 4 to a strong Hickory team. The Lady Lancers now have a record of 6-1. Junior shooting guard Hanna Pfieffer recognizes the team’s chemistry and thinks it goes to show they can perform well together.

Pfieffer said, “The team is doing well based off of our 6-1 record. We play well as a team due to the fact that most of us have been playing together for so long.”

Sophomore shooting guard Ali Lamoreaux says that the team has improved in certain areas and it has helped them. Lamoreaux said, “We’ve made major improvements, especially on our defense. It helped us beat the tougher teams on our schedule.”

Junior shooting guard Logan Donahue believes that the boys team is on the right track. Donahue commented, “I feel we are on a good track with the teams we’ve played so far and we just have to be tough and play smarter against tougher opponents.”


Each opponent plays a different game, and it can be difficult adjusting to the playing style, but both teams are settling into their schedule and prepare for each opponent accordingly. Senior forward Josh Schreiber is excited about the region and the recent success they’ve had in the region. Schreiber said, “We pulled off a great win against Harborcreek recently. This started off our region play, and I’m looking forward to winning the region.”

Not only are both teams having spectacular seasons, but they are also having a lot of success in the tournaments they’ve played in. Junior shooting guard Madison Lindsey says that the girls team has recently had a lot of success at their tournament over this past holiday break. “Over the holiday break we won both of our games so I would say our tournament play has been very good,” Lindsey said.

Senior forward Brenden Manchester referred to the holiday tournament that the boys played in, saying it was a success. “The team’s tournament play has been very awesome. We had the two Christmas tournaments we were a part of and we won all of the games we played in. This made us better and the games were good for our team chemistry,” Manchester said.

The season has only just begun, and both teams believe that there is room for improvement. So far, both of our Lancer basketball teams have looked outstanding, and we wish them luck with the rest of their season, and for the District 10 playoffs.